Thursday, December 23, 2010


23rd.... well this Christmas break has been interesting so far. My family has caught a flu, I had it worst so far (figures as my immune system was down coming from college and a release of stress) was sick one night got about 2 hours of sleep and was babysitting at the neighbors the next day, not the greatest idea by nightfall I was running a fever and had bad chills. After a good sleep I was feeling great again and worked at the neighbors again yesterday. This day is my last for this week, and next week I might have two maybe three days here. Wonderful ways God provides. :-)
25th is Martha's birthday.... 26th or 27th Naomi and Jesse come up for a visit, should be interesting to meet Jesse with the knowledge that he is Naomi's boyfriend.... 28th I go for my written test Lord willing... 29th I get my top braces off.... 31st is my 23rd birthday. And somehow I should work in two days of working here.... I go back to college on the 2nd.... :-)
Could you pray for a few things for my family? Please and thanks.... first our well has decided to quit working again, so please pray that it will start working and that we don't run out of water. Ellie is in major pain from her shoulder going out of socket, she most likely needs surgery but Dad and Mom don't have the money to take her to a specialists to get it looked at, she (Ellie) hasn't been able to sleep very well at nights and last night was really bad, so please pray for her. Also the fridge and stove need to be replaced.... they work but badly and a new stove and fridge are needed. So if you could please pray about these things.... I hope to help pay for part of my orthodontists visit from the money I'm earning here, and that will spare Dad and Mom a bit this month but they have no extra to spare for things. So please pray. :-) And don't tell them that I asked for prayer, they'll crash on me for asking for others to intercede with God. :-/ Thanks lots though and I know that they will appreciate the extra prayers. :-)
Talk to you later....

Friday, December 10, 2010

youtube movie

That Naomi posted of our family singing and playing. :-)

College is going well, and I'm learning more to let God have control over things. :-) He has stepped into so many ways in my life that I feel as if he were carrying me all along to get me here and set me on my feet for a bit.