Saturday, June 26, 2010

Music, rain and more

17th Joretta K. picked us girls up this morning a little past 9:00 to go play at the old folks home in Carlyle. It went well in-spite of the fact that we hadn't practiced the whole program in one shot before. :-) We did some town things and then she took us for dinner at A&W. We got home around 1:00 changed and went for orders from F. Banga, Naomi cleaned up a few odds and ends, vacuuming and removing leaves from the chapel, Lydia helped F. Banga building something and I put together several 'legs' for the couches, F. Banga had all the wood cut out so all I have to do was screw the plywood to the 2x6s. It poured really hard for a good 45 min. while we were working. F. Banga after we were done told us to stop for the day... stop for the day? LOL! We haven't even gotten started. But none of us complained that he wasn't working us hard. :-) We go out again tonight for a supper at the Knights of Columbus... should be interesting. :-)
Later... ate, played music and got back. :-) It's raining again... supposed to rain 2 inches tonight. Like really really muddy out tomorrow if that happens. :-) Since we have mostly outside things to do F. Banga said that we'll have to see what it's like tomorrow before he gives out the day's schedule. We might take the morning off. :-) I need to go shower. :-)
18th was totally lazy. :-) It rained off and on till late afternoon rolled around, and F. Banga gave us the day off. Some school kids had come for Thursday night to mid Friday and they left the bunk houses a real mess so I cleaned up those a bit before supper in-spite of the 'no work' day. :-) Adelaide and her husband Wayne (cousins of F. Banga's) are here for a couple days. They're lots of fun. :-) We watched the news about all the flooding in SK and parts of AB... rather rough going in a lot of places. Here it all runs off to the lake, so we aren't in super bad trouble, the pumps run pretty well almost constantly when it's raining though.
19th.... we worked hard. :-) Making up for taking the 18th off I guess. LOL! Naomi painted the 'boxes' for under the couches since we take all the legs off and F. Banga puts these boxes under them. The ones I screwed together afternoon of the 17th. :-) I can't remember what Lydia was doing but I swept some. parts and painted more of the floor dark gray. A place near the door for the three stoves for camp cooking, and also a square for the deep freeze. Then Lydia and I cleaned up the tables and chairs that were left. I was pounding the lid on the can of gray paint and ended up taking a patch of skin off my little finger of my right hand which promptly began bleeding,and Lydia was looking for the first aid kit in the mess hall and totally forgetting she took two steps onto the fresh paint. LOL! So there'll be a few repairs once it dries totally. :-) While I dressed my finger and swept the floor Lydia washed down some chairs. Some people showed up with an easy chair and couch and another person brought an office chair and it's foot rest so we unloaded those. Stopped for a break, Naomi went back to painting (there were 20 boxes she had to do) while Lydia and I began mopping/scrubbing the mess hall floor. We scrubbed it twice over with hot water and soap, changing the water 6-8 times a round. Then while it dried some after the second wash we cleaned up the storage room in music room #2 came back and did two rinsing go overs. Changing our water frequently. Once done with that Naomi had started cleaning the bathrooms. I ran up and checked the bathrooms at the MTC, they didn't need cleaning thankfully. And then did the floors in the bathrooms. That took a few mop buckets as well. And then we went in and worked on making supper..... very cheesy pasta. :-) It was extremely good. If I may say so myself. :-) We then moved a couch and chair out of the Kome 'n' See over to piano room #2 in exchange for a nicer set. And then Wayne and Adelaide took me into Kenosee to do our laundry. Read while it dried. :-)
20th Sunday... went to F. Banga's church. Helped lead the singing. All but two of the songs we had never heard off but we were able to practice before service so that was nice. :-) F. Banga left us at Michele and Will's place while he went to some other place for dinner, so we ate there, then while Will worked on Naomi's computer Michele called Emily K. (Who's around 14) over and we all jammed for 45 min. or so. Then we talked, looked over movies and books. F. Banga came and picked us up (can't remember the time) and we also picked up S. Lucille, on our way to Arcola for supper at Al and Lorreta H.'s place. We played some music, talked and relaxed. Ate, talked and headed for home.
21st.... painted the mess hall floor in the morning. Finishing up the last bit just before we left for Moosemin for our dental appointments. We had a few different things done than what's been done in Swan River. And they want to see us again in a month so we'll have to work that out somehow. Put the pump in the lake that evening. The mosquitoes are out with a vengeance thanks to all the rain we've had.
22nd Naomi and I painted the mess hall floor again, Lydia cleaned the eaves on the Kome 'n' See and then worked more on the mural. Afternoon I helped F. Banga screw the boxes (that I made and Naomi painted) unto the couches instead of the regular legs. That took most of the afternoon and into the evening as well. We ate at the Kome 'n' See since we weren't sure if the floor would have dried by that time. It rained that night.
23rd.... took trash to the blue bin. Helped move another couch this one from the nurses' station to Piano room #2. Naomi worked on painting the finishing black on the mural. Lydia and I loaded the hide -a- bed mattresses into John's truck. Then Lydia mopped the bunk houses and I mowed parts of the lawn. Fixed two benches... put up the curtains for the dressing stalls in the pool building. Early afternoon Lydia and I moved the chairs and tables, (with F. Banga overseeing and also helping some) setting some up for the staff and the first week of kids, then I swept the corner and painted it, also painted the other screen door. It's a little on the thin side (the paint on the screen door) but we have no more dark gray so it's as done as it can be. Oh Lydia and I also helped F. Banga clean up some things in the MTC. I also moved all the pop from F. Banga's shack to the mess hall. And that's all for now. I need to hit the hay. :-) Thanks for listening.
24th just odds and ends today. Cleaned the filters for the pool. Not a real fun job... dead frogs, mice and shrews beside all the beetles and live frogs, it made for interesting working. :-) So many little things I don't remember them all. LOL! We had part of the afternoon off since F. Banga couldn't think of things for us to do while his mind was occupied with helping the man who was working on the pool heater. We moved some benches from the outdoor chapel to the porch of the mess hall and some more to the area around the pool. We had three ladies come for supper. They're all from Wawota... All of them worked in the kitchen here as cooks in the past years. The one lady is making curtains for the mess hall to match with the color theme, the grays and so on. :-)
25th I woke up at 2:00 am to a mosquito buzzing my head and for an hour and a half I tried to find it turning my lamp off and on, seeing it then not seeing it. Finally smashed it when it landed on my face in the dark. I wasn't too happy. :-/ So today I'm a little on the tired side. I absolutely despise having a mosquito in my room at night. (I guess at any time, night or day.) It was a hot day at Kenosee. And lots of mosquitoes as well. We try to avoid the regular repellents and in turn end up getting bit pretty well. We're hoping to get some natural bug off spray tomorrow when Peter and Gabrielle pick us up for an over night stay at their place in Regina. We'll be going to church with them, so that will be good as well. Then they'll bring us back Sunday night. Once again just odds and ends... the little things as F. Banga says. Moved the extra chairs and tables back to the corner. In the morning I put together a stand for the water spout just outside the mess hall... it's like a drink spout and had rotted away the old stand which Lydia had taken apart a couple weeks back. Any how I ended up holding the hammer wrong (typical me, I have never been able to hold it properly) so I have a decent size blister on the out edge of my right hand. Serves me right for not being able to hold the hammer right. :-) I vacuumed part of Piano room #2, and we removed the last hide-a-bed since another nicer couch is coming in a few days. Lydia rolled the cover back from the pool. Naomi vacuumed the MTC again. I had a lesson on how to run a skill saw. (I could probably cut something now... but I'd much rather have F. Banga do all the cutting. :-) I also was handed a weed eater machine and told to go run it. Never handled one, but this one was very light and easy so I cut the weeds the lawn mower couldn't get. Right now it's almost three o'clock and one of the ladies from the supper last night (actually the lady who making the curtains) is going to pick us up in a bit and take us to Wawota to their church thrift shop and also for supper with the other two ladies as well. :-) So I will close for now... I might be able to send this tomorrow but that's all iffy right now. :-)
Okay I'm back.... We got a lot of stuff at the thrift store. Several boxes and bags. :-) Lots of books and several movies as well... besides all the clothes and other non-wear able or readable or watchable things... well I guess you could watch those other things. :-) Supper was great, we sat and talked for a few min. after we were done and then we had to come back to camp... At 7:30 we left camp for Club 19... the Kenosee golf club house/restaurant to participate in a jam. That was lots of fun. We played for almost 2 hours. :-) I love playing in a jam... when I know most of the chords of course. :-) And now we're back here... taking our turns at the shower. :-) See you later.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More work

10th so town was a success. :-) I'm sure you got the e-mail so you know what's up. Our lap-tops wouldn't connect to the net so I had to put what I had typed on my USB and use one of the library computers to send it off. We stopped by S. Lucille's place for coffee before heading home to a dinner of left overs. :-) Naomi, Lydia and I did the dishes then went up to the Mother Teresa Center and watched 2 vids... the first totally sucked. So we did a lot of fast forwarding. LOL! It wasn't 'Bad' but the acting quality made us groan. The other we really enjoyed and also learned a few things from. :-) We got to bed at 9:30... we try to keep it close to that time, if we can hit the sack before then all the better. :-)
11th This morning dawned rainy... seems that's the usual. LOL! Maybe God will send some warmth this weekend though. :-) We worked on cleaning up the mess hall some more then Lydia and I worked on taking apart the rest of the door/divider things. (by the way there were 17 total I apparently wasn't seeing properly.) Measurements.... around 8 feet tall, by 4 ft, one sheet of plywood from Dawson Creek, B.C. To be precise. :-) and one sheet of a softer board (I can't remember for the life of me what it's called... you use it for pinning thing to with thumb tacks like for a Sunday school lesson.) any how those are screwed together with 4 ft x 3 in x 5/8th in and 7 ft 4 in x 3 in x 5/8th in boards on either side of the sheets of wood around the edges. (I'm doing a lousy job explaining this.) They're quite heavy, and of course rather awkward. This afternoon F. Banga decided that it was taking Lydia and I too long with only the cordless drill so he sent over an electric one and Lydia ran that one. And with that working we finished the rest in half the time it was taking us before. Mainly because the electric drill takes the screws out ½ a time as fast as the cordless. Which Lydia was so very kind to point out. LOL! :-) Once done we were very happy... :-) and went over for more orders. :-) He had me mow in front of the bathrooms so it wouldn't look so ratty. Ever mowed in the pouring rain? :-) Well not super bad rain, misting to harder rain it shifts upon occasion so it's not really bad all the time. :-) The mower tends to not throw the grass out the side (like it's supposed to) when it's really wet, rather the grass builds up on the frame and tries to stop the blade from running. Kind of a pain but what ever, just needs cleaning from time to time. Any how it looks better now. :-) Then we did some dishes, and F. Banga told us to rest till an early supper was to be had around 4:30. And now we're being lazy... well not lazy, relaxing after our days work. :-) I'm gonna crash the banjo and get some practicing in. My hands are sore, they hurt from working with the drill in the cold and wet but I'm hoping they'll not hurt to bad playing. :-) Some girl scouts are here for the weekend... and they're tenting. I don't envy them in the least. It's supposed to warm up late Sat. and Sun. so I hope they have an okay time and not stay too cold. :-) F. Banga told us to go though the old T-shirts from the last couple years of Boys and Girls camp and pick out as many as we wanted. So we grabbed one a piece for us and some for the kids as well. They'll enjoy them when we get home. :-)
Many thanks for bearing with my ramblings and the many mistakes I make. Most of the time I type right before bed and I'm pretty knackered... :-) So take all the crazy sentences with the knowledge that I'm tired when I'm typing them and I don't get much time to correct or read through them before sending them out. Thanks. :-)
See y'all.
12th that day was pretty lazy. We had the morning off and then when 1:30 rolled around S. Lucille came by and we girls along with her and F. Banga went to a B-day party in Wawota. Julia was turning 80 years old, she had worked several years ago at the camp in the kitchen as head cook for over 15 years. We brought our instruments along and played for 45 min. or so, just as back ground music.
13th... was really lazy. We sat around and read books, watched movies or stepped outside for a few minutes to enjoy the sun that peeped out most of the day.
14th was busy. :-) John showed up to help F. Banga get the little tractor mower running. We girls hauled out hide-a-bed mattresses and cleaned up piano room 2 again since all but 4 or 5 of the couches have been removed to be replaced with couches not so worn out. We painted parts of the mural, and I did the second coat on the green cupboard. F. Banga had forgotten to get more paint rollers so we weren't able to paint all the pool-side cabins but Lydia and Naomi were able to get one side painted with hand brushes. I mowed more lawn while they did so. When I stopped and looked at the time it was 4:20 and F. Banga hadn't returned from town (he left after our early lunch to attend a meeting) so I mixed up some things and put the herbs on the ribs and did potatoes, Naomi and Lydia came in and had a sandwich to tide them over. F. Banga arrived about half way through the cook time, so we sat. talked and relaxed waiting for supper to get done. The ribs were a little tough mainly because they were cooked a little hasty due to the fact that I wasn't watching the time and F. Banga hadn't returned to do them. But it was all okay and we were hungry. :-) While taking the mattresses out of the couches, I was putting back the springs/frame for the mattress and was pushing the couch back against the wall when the frame work bounced back for some reason and slammed into my lower lip/jaw. So it swelled up fairly big, and the inside of my lip are nice black and purple imprints of my braces. :-) So for one moment imagine what it felt like.... have some one take a 1 inch pipe and smack your lower lip/jaw area, then imagine having braces, wire brackets stopping your lip from coming against your teeth... and you get the idea of the bruising and swelling I have right now. :-) Rather interesting drinking water and eating, with a swelled, bruised lip/jaw. It's not super bad (now that I've complained enough) and I wasn't thinking it was to bad but then I hadn't seen myself in a mirror all day till this evening... LOL! I showed Naomi and Lydia the inside of my lip.... they both winced and had various ways of saying owwww. :-) So I try not to smile much because it hurts, and also take care of how my lip is positioned over my braces. It should heal up soon since the bruising is inside my mouth. :-) Any how I'm tired and need to hit the hay.... it's late... well 10:00 any way. Late for me and I need to be getting up around 7:00 tomorrow. (which by the way is not early, if I have to I can pull myself up at 6:00 but we don't need to be at the mess hall receiving orders till around 8:00 or a little past so I have some lee-way. :-) (or maybe I'm just lazy. :-)
15th Naomi washed the windows in the mess hall while F. Banga took Lydia and I into Kenosee to pick up two couches and one love-seat, once back we unloaded them, then helped F. Banga and John with a few little things. Lydia and I cleaned up around the camp fire area. I mowed grass and Lydia pulled the weeds from under the benches. That took most of the morning. Afternoon came and Al H. brought another couch and one chair. With those out of his trailer we hauled all the canoes down to the lake side, and then Jerome (he's an older man from Kenosee) showed up with his small tractor and we loaded all the hide-a-bed couches into Al's trailer. They both left about an hour before supper. Naomi washed the outsides off all the windows at the MTC, which took her around 5 hours to do. We put away what we'd been doing and had sat down to a movie before supper. F. Banga dropped by the MTC and asked us to unload some lumber that Alvin had brought before supper. So we unloaded it and stacked it in the storage of the outdoor chapel. We all had supper, Alvin staying as well. He was caulking the cracks in the floor where they had replaced the rotten places. After supper we finished the movie. My mouth was doing okay till evening came on and then it began bothering me again, so I quieted down. :-)
16th Lydia and I unwrapped a pump down by the lake... it's sitting in a frame that chicken wire and netting had been put on, screwed and stapled. Naomi started helping F. Banga cook things since the deanery meeting is here this month. After we were done taking down the netting and wire, Lydia went back to taking apart some wood platform near the pool building and I mowed lawn again. Finished mowing, and was sent to help Lydia (who had finished taking apart and was working on painting more of the mural) and painted two 'people' a nice bright blue. :-) There's interesting colors on the mural this time around. :-) F. Banga told us to quit about 45 min. before dinner was ready and we knocked off for the day. The meal went well, there were 7 others besides S. Lucille, F. Banga and us girls, they had their own table and us girls sat in the background (which we didn't mind at all) :-) We left to brush our teeth and then came back to clean up all the dishes. :-) We practiced some music since we've been asked to play tomorrow at the old folks home. And we're going to go for supper (some people who work at the camp mostly in the kitchen) and on the way back from there F. Banga said that we'll stop by a rodeo and watch for a bit. Should be interesting. :-)

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Hey y'all,
29th F. Banga gave us the day off, it rained like it had been for the past few days. And in the afternoon we were taken into town for a a bit of time at the library while F. Banga did some running errands. Back home nothing exciting happened. :-)
30th Sunday. We stayed here.... Naomi took a walk that morning and Lydia and I walked that afternoon and took some pics of little bits and pieces around us. :-)
31st, Naomi's 24th birthday. I had tried to get in contact with some friends around this area but they all were to busy or were away so F. Banga called two ladies up to come and have a surprise evening meal for N. We painted, cleaned and kept ourselves busy doing odd things that day. :-) The meal went really good. :-) Naomi had no idea we were planning anything for her so she was happily surprised. We played some music afterwards and then Naomi showed them (F. Banga and the two ladies) pictures of our horse trip and a few others of the family.
1st..... we painted, and painted, and painted... LOL! Evey time we turn around it seems there's just another door or something else that needs some paint. I think we've almost come to the end of it now though. We have another coat to put on some cupboard doors and some regular doors and then we'll be pretty much done except for the floor which will be done later this month. Tonight F. Banga is going to drop me off to do the laundry while he, Naomi and Lydia will be putting together some music books. and getting more things figured out for camp. I've been trying to practice music but the past two days I failed to practice. Hopefully I can get in a few minutes this evening in between getting the laundry done, showering and getting ready for bed. :-)
So talk to y'all later.
2nd while Naomi and Lydia washed the windows at F. Banga's 'Shack' (Not.... it's a very beautiful little mansion... very very nice, rock and beams, I'll try to get a picture to y'all someday.) I worked on painting the second coat on cupboard doors, trim and two other sets of doors. F. Banga had gone to town earlier that morning to get a few things, when he returned he put me work painting all the tables a sunshiney yellow. :-) So I painted them for the little bit of morning left and all afternoon. Lydia helped me for partial of the afternoon once they were done with the windows (F. Banga says that his windows have NEVER been as clean in all the 6 years he's had the shack as when Naomi and Lydia cleaned them. They're pretty happy. :-) Naomi worked on the Mother Teresa Center just a little cleaning. Then F. Banga told us to rest for ½ an hour while he fixed supper for us and for Al and Loretta H. we were happy to see them again. Al brought along his fiddle so we had some music and generally enjoyed ourselves. :-) After they left we relaxed for about 45 min. and then F. Banga took us for 1 ½ hours to a wake for a native man who had died a few days before. It was definitely interesting. :-) I have to admit that I enjoyed hearing the drums and it was really incredible how they men could hold that high pitched cry/chant for so long... the talent they have. :-) Any how it was pretty neat over all. Of course your heart aches for the fact that they have no hope of salvation and you pray that they will come to the light. :-)
3rd.... we cleaned the Mother Teresa Center, moved all the beds away from the walls and vacuumed, swept and made sure it was nice and clean. Then while F. Banga went to a funeral we relaxed in the afternoon for a bit. Read and listened to music. :-)
4th F. Banga had a trip to Regina for a Dr. appointment so he told us to clean the nurses place (kitchen, bathroom, living room and three bedrooms.) also 4 or 5 ( I can't remember now) living places that hadn't been cleaned for a while. The nurses' place was pretty clean, I washed and swept, Lydia did the windows. (it was all linoleum flooring), Lydia also cleaned the windows of the other rooms. Naomi vacuumed and knocked down cobwebs. When I was done with the nurses' station I knocked the cobwebs out of two of the rooms Naomi was vacuuming and also beat 2 smaller floor rugs that didn't want to clean up with the vacuum cleaner for some reason. After an earlier lunch Naomi and I weeded F. Banga's flower beds while Lydia screwed the handles back onto the cupboard doors we painted. And then we sat and were lazy. LOL! Mid afternoon I was going for a walk when I noticed that the people renting the MTC were there so I dropped in and asked them if they needed anything and also laid a fire for them. (F. Banga had asked one of us to do so before he left for Regina) once that was done I took a short jaunt one a trail by the lake and ended up being chased out by wood ticks. I have never had so many ticks on me. Ugghh, I didn't walk very far down the trail before I opted to return for a supper of pizza and then we splurged and made ourselves ice cream floats. :-)
5th dawned a beautiful day, partly cloudy but warm. F. Banga showed up and says “hey lets all go out to the farm.” so we hurried to brush our teeth and get our instruments. It's about an hour or a little more the farm that F. Banga and his brother own. On the way there we stopped at two churches... the first was a Lutheran church that not only was close to 140 years old and in it's original shape, but the stained glass! Wow oh Wow! It was so so cool. So incredible I've never seen stained glass so well done. It was really really neat. I got lots of pictures, Naomi did as well. :-) We wandered the grave yard for 15 min. or so headed for another church which is where F. Banga's family attends and also has the grave yard that he and his family will be/are buried in. It also had some stained glass but it wasn't as well done as the Lutheran church. We got to the farm just in time for a dinner of hamburgers. :-) After doing the dishes we tromped outside for some horse working. Lydia was given an offer of an Norwegian Fjord if she wanted him so while she worked with him, Naomi and I took pictures, and petted the others. F. Banga and his brother planted some trees F. Banga had been given, when a short shower sent us inside for about ½ hour or so. While we were inside, Naomi called the family for a chat. And we learned that Dad had sold Coyote, and then Delmar (F. Banga's brother) said that since Lydia was willing to take the Norwegian Fjord that she should also take a grade bay yearling filly. Ended up Lydia said yes to both, and the arrangements were made that Dad, Mom and a few of the kids would come down and pick up the horses that afternoon since the farm was only about 2 ½ hours away from Endeavour. The rain blew over and we went out to have a wagon ride behind F. Banga's team of Norwegian Fjords. Any how we enjoyed the ride, Lydia and I were given a chance to drive the horses. We got home about the time to start supper. Dad, Mom and the kids arrived around 6:1 we loaded the horses and went to eat supper. Afterwards we played a bit of music (Ellie had come along, yes a fiddler. You have no idea how much we miss her playing. And she admitted to missing the back up as well. :-) They left, we cleaned the dishes, and left ourselves. :-) It was an interesting day to say the least. The trip to the farm wasn't planned at all nor was getting the two horses or having part of the family come down and pick them up. :-) It was a good day though. And I hope that over all God had the preeminence in what we said and did. :-)
So we'll talk to you later. :-)
6th we went to Regina with F. Banga that Sunday.
7th... Naomi scrapped peeling paint off a mural for an hour or so. Then she joined Lydia and I painting the pool area... boys and girls change rooms as well as the life guard area in the blue building. I finished up after lunch and Naomi and Lydia painted one corner of the mess hall with dark gray. F. Banga wanted the corner done so we can move most of the tables down there and stack them out of the way. It had dried out some and I was able to get the lawn mower going, mowed a bit but then the rain rolled in and started pouring so I had to make a run for it. :-) Lydia and Naomi were vacuuming and washing the windows of Piano room #2 so I joined them for the last bit. F. Banga came home from a doctors appointment just as we were finishing up and he said that supper wouldn't be for an hour so we went and watched part of Chitty Chitty Bang-Bang and finished it after supper. :-)
8th I washed a cupboard preparing it for painting later on. Then helped put away and clean up the mess hall for a bit, before F. Banga asked me to clean up the tuck-shop. :-) It needed a good go over and that took about an hour. I ended up filling a trash can, and F. Banga gave me another Kenosee bag and two T-shirts to take home to the kids. :-) They'll enjoy them, I'm sure. I also made Jello. After that was done I went and painted the cupboard I had washed a dark green. It looks pretty nice. :-) F. Banga says we'll use it in the mess hall, near the phone I think, but I'm not sure yet till we move it. After Lunch we helped get supper prep, and then swept and moped the kitchen area and also a 12-14 foot strip of the very muddy mess hall floor near the kitchen. F. Banga told us to take a couple hours off when we were done with that, then we're going to a birthday party somewhere at 3:45, and coming home in time for supper. We're having 4 ladies over for supper, three of whom we haven't met as of yet. :-) It should be fun. I'm sure we'll have some music afterwards as well. The last few days have been really busy, making practicing hard to get in... well I suppose I could have skipped Chitty, Chitty Bang-Bang, but hey I wanted to relax not wear out my fingers. LOL! :-) So anyhow, till later. :-)
8th only S. Lucille and one other lady came over for supper. We girls made pizza which they all enjoyed greatly. There wasn't really music just talking after supper.
9th.... Pool cleaning day. F. Banga and Al H. were hard at work when we arrived on the scene after breakfast. We scrubbed, mopped, and struggled to straighten out the pool lining for 5 hours. :-) Acid water for the mopping.... well not really mopping more scrubbing with the mop. Have you ever bent hours on end scrubbing with a mop, making sure you don't flip or splat any acid water on yourself for several hours? LOL! Our backs definitely told us that we had been working hard. :-) I think the worst part(s) were accidentally getting acid water on my skin upon occasion (burns anywhere from 5-15 minutes depending on where you get it, not fun.) and struggling to straighten out the wrinkles in the pool liner. Water has gotten underneath the liner seeping in from the ground and has created wrinkles, that seal themselves to themselves to the bottom when you're trying to move them. The suction was crazy, we pulled, pushed and groaned for a while then suddenly it started moving, and in a little while we had it straightened out as much as F. Banga wanted. It's most likely that with all our pulling and pushing on the wrinkles that we broke the suction from it being damp under the liner making it easier to move into place. :-) But we all said that the fighting with the liner was the worst. LOL! But hey it's done and we're all very glad that we were able to finish it in one day. F. Banga said that the pool cleaned up easier this year than the last several years so we're also thankful for that. :-)
10th we swept and mopped the mess hall this morning. One sweeping three times over with the mops. Soap water, rinse of plain water and then Pinesol for a last go over. All of us girls love the smell of Pinesol... :-) Then while Naomi cleaned the fans and set up tables and chairs Lydia and I sorted through the recyclable pop cans, beer bottles and water/juice plastic bottles. The water/juice bottles had the lids taken off and put into garbage sacks, beer bottles the dark brown ones set aside for recycling the others put in a garbage bag, and the pop and beer cans put through a smasher for recycling. Lydia and I were working both on the plastic bottles, me doing the glass beer bottles then F. Banga fixed the pop/beer can smasher so I ran that. What a racket... LOL! It's an homemade hulk of a thing and I was really wishing I have earmuffs it was so loud. But it's all done now, and we shouldn't have to do that till after camp again. :-) Once we were done with that F. Banga had us start taking from home made door/separation things apart. There's 8 or 10 of them and we got two done before lunch. I was handling the electric drill, Lydia helping me turn the things over and so on. We're going into Carlyle (Lord willing, if you get this then you'll know we did. :-) in about ½ an hour. So I'm not sure if we'll be doing anything after we get back or not. I hope y'all have a great day. Hey if I'm boring you then tell me to cut it out and I drop you off the e-mail. If you want info about the family at home you'll have to call them or drop by for a visit I'm sure they'd love to have you. If they've been getting as much rain as we have here then they'll need the encouragement. :-) J/K. LOL!