Monday, October 26, 2009

Church, Youth

26th... Sunday was great... for the most part. We ended up getting to the church late, even with driving over the speed limit the whole way. And us girls were doing music for the morning service, so no time to practice or set up anything. :-( We were so shaky, but people said we sounded OK. Whatever, I think they were just trying to make us feel better about it. LOL! After out 'bag' lunch I asked Dad if we could go to youth, and he said yes! Cool! :-) After waiting around for almost an hour the youth leaders loaded us into vehicles and we left for the high-school gym. We played a variety of games, the first swat which was a little confusing since you had to know peoples names to play. Then Ryan S. a guy from college gave his testimony. We moved on to I Have Never, which is kind of like Have You Ever. Krystal another college student stood up and gave her testimony and we moved on to the last game, called Conquer.... A rather intense game the 30 some kids were divided into 4 groups and sent to the corners of the gym, Krista (singer and college student) was the director, and she would say something like “Group 3 conquer group 1” and group 3 would run over to group 1 and try to get as many people away from the group as possible in a certain time limit. Those who were captured had to join the conquering group. It was rough and tumble but mostly you just hung on to your team as hard as you could and tried not to be pulled out. :-) Afterwards there was prayer and we went back to the church. We left right after we got back from youth. It was a good day and other than being so extremely nervous while playing music I enjoyed it. :-)
Naomi and I are watching Emma and Tess for today, and maybe again tomorrow. We'll bring the home around supper time. :-)

Hunting, church

Oct. 24th.... well it's kind of misty and foggy this morning. But I don't think it's super cold out. :-)
Ellie, Lydia and I took down the rest of the garden stuff and pulled the old plants into a pile. It should have a weeding but I don't know if we'll be doing that or not.
Peter came up yesterday morning and took Dad, Jesse and Zeke hunting. Jesse and Zeke saw two bull moose but Jesse only had his bow with him and couldn't get close enough for a shot. Dad was jittery and he shot three times at a doe but missed her. :-) Ellie, Lydia and Martha went with Dad and the boys in the evening but they didn't see anything.
Naomi and I went to Y2J.... I helped some with an experiment. Carrol asked if we would do the singing and the game next week so we'll probably be practicing a bit in the next week.
On Sunday church is going to be in Swan River, a meeting of three areas of churches (there's more than three churches going to be there) and we've been asked to do the special music for the morning service. Naomi isn't going as she thinks the long day is going to be to hard on her so Ellie, Lydia and I will be doing the honors :-) Martha was laughing about us singing harmony and she says.... “If there is any resemblance to real harmony it's completely coincidental.” LOL! :-) I sure it'll go fine and we'll be blessed by the fellowship and the preaching. :-) We have to bring lunch but supper is provided.
Dad's not feeling well, he's kind of out of shape for walking and the miles he walked yesterday have made his hip act up, could you please pray for him. I think he's also put out about missing the doe... missing isn't easy on a man's pride... (or a womans for that matter) Thanks for praying. :-)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Firewood and more

Oct.20th.... More firewood. Didn't do any wood of Sunday but we've been bringing in pretty steady. Yesterday we brought in one load in the morning, after lunch Dad started cutting the logs into stove length pieces and the boys were stacking them in the bin. We should be heading out again for another load soon.
I pulled/dug the last three rows of carrots. We have 6 buckets of them in the garage waiting till we find a place to put them. :-) Now we need to take down the trellis for the peas and cucumbers and take the rototiller to the garden before winter hits seriously. We'll have to avoid the strawberries as they happen to be in the middle of the garden. :-)
I believe we're heading to town this afternoon. Dad and Mom have some banking to do and a few other things to pick up.
It was nice and frosty this morning... almost looked like a skim of snow on everything. Hopefully the sun will come out and warm things up a bit. :-)
Later... we didn't get a full load of logs since Dad ran out of gas. We did a little over half what we usually do. Right now we're on our way to Preeceville, Dad's loaded the back of the van with gas and diesel cans so it's gonna be a rather fumy ride to and from town. But you gotta do what you gotta do. :-)
See ya.

Uriah has Chicken pox

Oct. 16th, Well Uriah has chicken pox. Poor kids' covered with spots. :-( He'll receive a fair amount of treatment though... LOL! Everyone is giving advise to Mom as to what to rub on him or what sort of bath to give him. :-)
Brought in one load of logs for firewood this morning, and after lunch we headed out again, Ellie, Lydia and I worked for an hour or so then we had to come in to get ready for Y2J. (they finished out that load while we were gone) Carrol picked the 4 of us up... the kids were pretty good, they're working on painting a note pad holder for the craft. Carrol was in charge of the game and Edna taught about God leading the children of Israel through the desert, and how God is always in control and everything will work out even when it's hard to see. :-) Jay had football game in Preeceville so Carrol left early with Trisha for Youth tonight... Elfreda drove us home. :-)
I notice the I'm not wearing certain clothes again, so I have a closet clean coming up then pack away what I don't normally wear. :-) I have a couple skirts I really like, I think I'll be making myself another one or two of the same pattern and use my old skirts... they're really wide and since I don't need to ride in them having culottes I can use them for an easier and nicer skirt to wear. :-)
So till later...

Thursday, October 15, 2009


15th, had Tess over for baby sitting today. She's pretty good playing with Ruth and Cilla, just needs watching like more little kids. :-)
Dad and some of the kids got one load (back of the truck full) of firewood this morning. Ellie and Lydia fixed the rest of the fence so now the horses and cows can go out to pasture. I believe Dad is going to pull up one of the bins this afternoon and we'll put the stove length wood in there. Probably we'll get another load or two today and until we have 12 chords we'll keep hauling wood into the yard. :-) Hopefully that amount will tide us for the winter.
Movie night tonight... The kids were arguing about what to watch. But finally the vote was watching The Princess Bride... LOL! Dad's favorite movie. :-)
Brought Tess home which is where we are now. :-)

Getting better

Oct. 13th, We did around 100 chickens today, just finished up that pen that we worked on two weeks ago. The last batch wont be ready for a few weeks yet. The shop was heated in the floor so that was a really blessing to work in. :-)
I'm feeling quite a bit better, my eye is still slightly out of it and a lot of what I look at has a 'cloudy' look to it. But it doesn't hurt, Thanks for the prayers. :-) Lydia and the rest are all feeling well, as far as we know Uriah never got chicken pox. So that's rather interesting. :-)
It's supposed to get up to 11 C in a few days. I think that's when we're gonna try digging up the potatoes and carrots. I'm not sure where we'll be putting them for storage, the 'cold' room doesn't have much room for vegetables.
We also have to do some fire wood, we don't have very much left in the garage. I think we'll probably get a load in the back of the truck for now and later get more. We need to fix the fence in the alfalfa for the cows and the old hay pasture for the horses. I think Dad and some of the kids did some fencing today after we came home from Covlins.
Dad got a call from the sawmill guy today... he said the he was waiting for a part to come in and Dad says that in spite on the long wait with no word he's gonna trust that the guy is telling the truth. There might be a shipment going to Winnipeg, MB in a couple weeks and Dad's sawmill might be sent over with that, we'll just meet the hauler somewhere along the #1 at an equipment place so they can unload the sawmill. Thanks for praying about that. :-)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pox, snow..

Oct. 10th, mid morning. :-) Lydia and I spent the last three/four days as pretty miserable people. She mostly with itching and I with pain and an eye that's causing trouble. But I think today Lydia's feeling better, Mom had Naomi pick up some calamine lotion when Carol picked her and Ellie up for Y2J yesterday afternoon and that's helped Lydia quite a bit, now her sores are starting to scab over. I'm feeling pretty good, but have a few tired or light headed moments every so often. I'm back pulling what I can, doing my chores and so on. My right eye is blood-shot and painful since the evening of the 8th. I'm not sure what the problem is with it. My worst time is walking near windows... the snow on the ground makes it smart and tear up. But it's not super bad if I keep my hand over it. I can't look at the computer screen for super long before it gets to painful, but I thought I could do this over short periods. :-)
Yes we have snow, it started a few days back. We've gotten a few skiffs and had them melt off. This morning the snow is starting to drift, making us all remember how wonderful this place is situated... Not! The wind break was planted badly and it funnels the wind and snow into drifts in front of the gate and also several places down by the barn. Making it a rough time getting out to do choring. But we have to remember that the people who built this place moved from the old country. So that does help throw a light on why the house was built the way it was and everything was set up on the farm the way they did. So next spring I'm sure we'll put in few weeks putting in more wind break and fixing up more problems that were left for us. :-) I'm just thankful for the house and barn. :-) In spite of the problems they have, I'm plenty glad we have them. :-) I really wouldn't look forward to not having a house to live in. :-)
Today those who feel up to it are going to a 60th wedding anniversary celebration for the pastor's parents in Endeavour. I think it starts at 2:00 pm. Most likely it's only going to be Lydia and I at home.
I think I finally got the program that makes my computer play DVDs. And just in time as well... Naomi's AC power cord finally quit working so she has to pick up another one before her computer will work. I'm not sure how much that will cost, she'll probably have to order it in from Nasby's in Melville, where she and I both bought our computers. CareTek.... great computers and great friends who run it. :-)
We're supposed to go butcher the other half batch of chickens on the 13th, Tuesday. Day after the Canadian thanksgiving. :-) They were planning to butcher today but I guess it wasn't working out. My only complaint?.... is that on Tuesday I'll probably be well enough to go work again. 'groan' And today I would have been able to stay home. I guess God doesn't want me to miss any chicken events. LOL! :-)
I think that's all for now. :-)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Which Literary figure are you?

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?


More... computer

6th, All but Uriah have chicken pox now.... Jesse says the reason Uriah doesn't have chicken pox is because it can't catch up with him. LOL! :-) Ellie's throat is pretty swollen so she can't eat without pain, pray that her throat eases off soon. Thanks. The rest of us aren't feeling to bad, some pain and itching but not horrible. :-)
Mom needs to order from Sears. So we'll probably be going into Preeceville today. I hope to get some time at the library and do some stuff on my long list.... I keep finding things I need to work on. My computer has an aversion to playing most DVDs so I've been trying to find a program that I can download/install to my computer that will let me play DVDs. So far I've tried downloading three different ones and I can't make heads of tails of them, not that it made any difference they all said that they wouldn't work on my computer. So round 4 is coming up. Hopefully I have the time I need to do it. :-) I have to admit to being a dunce when it comes to computers. :-( Maybe if I had the smarts like Naomi I'd have figured this out before now. LOL! But God didn't send me that, so I'll have to stumble along with what He did send. :-) God must have different plans in mind for me than being a computer geek. :-)
Talk to you later.

Chicken pox

Oct. 3rd Well it's still a bit chilly here, last night it might have frosted. But I haven't gone out and checked yet. Yesterday we did 159 birds at Covlins... 5 of them were turkeys, they weren't very big only around 12-14 pounds apiece. It want rather slow as there weren't as many people, Naomi was over and she helped for a bit but she tired out after an hour. We had a late lunch and then Dad drove us home. I ended up cutting one of my fingers again, but it's not to bad, though I forgot to put salve on it last night so it was sore this morning. We went back in the evening after supper and helped bag and price the chickens. They had us eat some pizza with them as well. :-)
Carol Stepan picked up Ellie, Lydia and I and took us in to help withY2J. It was a good day, we stayed inside, did some singing, a question game, the lesson and a craft.
Almost all the other kids have come down with chicken pox.... Jesse, Martha and Sara are the most miserable right now. They've been taking tea baths and slathering down with Aloe gel/lotion. I've not had symptoms yet, though that could change pretty soon. Lydia says she feels like somethings coming on, Ellie has it, Zeke and Uriah so far don't have any spots, Cilla and Ruth are itching... you know.... :-) a rather sick family. :-) But if we can get it over with them we'll not be able to get it again. :-) Thanks for the prayers.
Brought in the onions, they're under a fan in the garage on a sheet of plywood. Mom and Lydia were working on the tomatoes. I filled the dehydrator with applesauce on plastic wrap and put a load on to dry for fruit leather. We all enjoy that in the winter. :-) I think the garden will be harvested in the next few days and prepared for winter.
So till later. :-)