Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Well youth was great.... very un-organised.... LOL! Only Clint, Neil Fenske (sawmill guy) and two of Neil's kids, Trisha (15) and Darren (12), so we sent kayaking, and then Dad talked a bit around the camp fire from Dueteronomy, and we had some chips and pop.... talked a bit and made it home around 11:20 or so. Any how Dad says he's kicking himself for not letting the younger ones go... Says he should have known that this church wouldn't be doing anything “bad” that the younger kids would be troubled by... so he intends that we will be doing youth services once they start up again after the Bible camp stops in August. On Sat. morning we rode the horse over to Galbraith's and there left Millie and Muckers... The stud was gone to another farm but we were able to see one of his colts that was a look a like.... nice buckskin paint, fish/wall eyes, good feet, moved very well for a yearling... all around nice looking colt, hope we'll be getting something like that come next June. :-) I packed up most of my clothes and also helped make cheese burger buns and tried to clean up somewhat. We went over to Fenske's that evening for supper... had good fellowship and getting to know each other better.... they have 4 children, 1 girl and 3 boys.... Trisha, Darren, Matthew (10) and Dillan (4), nice kids (and parents) they homeschool, Dad and Neil seem to have lots in common, sawmills, chain saws, like the backwoodsy feeling and so on. Elfreda and Mom seem to get along fine so I'm thinking that we'll be seeing a bit more of them... which is no problem to us kids. :-)
Church was good.... Brad preached about how God made the first move, even though we were enemies of God and sinners and God hates sin, He made the first move toward wanting us to come to Him. God sent Jesus to die on the cross to reconcile us to Him. I don't explain it very well, the end was how God gave us a message to send out to other people, God saved us we should go tell others about His love and forgivness. Very good sermon and I was blessed. :-)
Donny and Billy came over while we were eating a late lunch... they hung around for a few hours and then left.
I laid down for an hour or so... my throat is threatening to be sore and that will not be good... I'm thinking it's from the late nights I've been having... waiting up for the water heater to heat the water for a shower, I'm not a big fan of cold water showers.... LOL! Just not me. :-D So I took 16 or so D3's and been taking Vit. C every few hours and colostrum transfer (a immune system builder) so hopefully I can kick this thing and not be sick down in WA.
I'll try to find a place to post this tomorrow on the road... :-) Talk to ya'll later.

Friday, June 26, 2009


more pics



The house from the north west side next to the gravel road.

The Norm

Afternoon to ya'll
It's been strange weather here (24th), hot and sunny this morning, rainy and coolish in the afternoon. Then hot in the evenging... whatever. :-) We've been working on the raspberries, hopefully we'll be able to finish them before we go down to WA... I've been weeding and pulling the old canes, some of the other has been doing one or the other. Dad needs to do some banking in Invermay before we leave for WA so I'm hoping to be able to ride along a get some of pictures posted... if you see them, then you'll know I was able to. :-D
Millie has shipping cold, so I have to give her penicillin shots for three days.... 30cc at a whack. Hopefully she will be cleared up and getting along good by the time we send her and Muckers over to spend a month or more in the stallion's pasture. :-) I might have to pick up some more Penicillin when we're in town before we leave as we might not have enough. She takes her shot well and hasn't put up a fuss for which I am grateful. (she doesn't like the shot... but she will stand OK for it) Our old Belgian cross mares had such a fuss with the needle, it's nice to have a horse that's willing to take it. :-) I still intend to ride her, but try to not have her gallop any, just lope and trot so's not to ruin her wind with her lungs being somewhat plugged up. Hopefully none of the other horses get it.
Dad's putting in a dryer vent downstairs so the person washing laundry doesn't have to bring the laundry out to the yard to dry it. Mom and I discovered when we tried to dry the first load downstairs that the dryer had no vent to the outside.... just let all the moist air out into the basement. Not good..... so Dad set up the dryer we brought with us out near the shop and we've been bringing the laundry out there to dry. Maybe next summer we'll be able to get a clothes line set up. :-)
25th.... Dad, Jesse and Zeke are heading off to go help at the Ketchen Lake camp.... Neal (can't remember his last name) has a sawmill there that he's going to be sawing some lumber on and Dad offered his and the boys help so Neal will be picking them up in a few minutes.
Us at home will try to finish the raspberries and be ready to go to Invermay on Friday..... :-) Coyote seems to have gone lame... so Lyds and I didn't ride this morning, don't know if we'll be doing any riding in the afternoon, Jesse said that Lydia could ride his horse if she wanted to go riding. I'm not sure if I will ride Millie or not..... Guess we'll see how she acts and whether or not we'll be doing any galloping which wont be good for her.
Okay we finished the raspberries.... YAY!!!!!! LOL! Good to know that those are all weeded and getting ready to flower. :-)
I didn't go riding.... Ellie, Martha and Lydia did though. Lydia rode Red (Jesse's horse) who acted up a bit so she had to work him pretty good on the ground before she could ride him.... They took some sasuage and bread over to the neighbors who just had their forth child.... we haven't been told what it is yet. :-) (we've sinced learned it's a boy... Beau Samuel, Mother and baby are doing fine)
When Dad came home from working at the camp he told us that Neal had invited all of us kids (and Dad and Mom as well) to come to a youth service at the camp on Friday (26th) . Dad offered it to us and we all jumped at it... sounds like fun, good preaching and fellowship.... But come morning Dad decided that only those of us 18 and older could go (and I thought it was supposed to be a “youth” service) those under 18 might be influenced to do wrong.... two questions were posed to Dad after he made that statement... “If you didn't like what you saw when we got there couldn't you just bring us home?” and “What is different about the people we'd being seeing at the youth service, than who've we've seen the two Sundays we're met with them for church?” Dad didn't answer either of the questions so I don't know if we'll be going or not. Dad does sometimes tell all the kids that they can go somewhere or do something and then the next day he refuses to let those under 18 do it.... He never follows a pattern and it upsets family life that he doesn't keep his word all the time. :-/ Maybe someday Dad will answer our questions and tell us why it's good for those over 18 and not good for those under 18 when all we would be doing is worshiping God and singing praises?!? Guess you just have live with it and bide your time till he deems us old enough to understand his reasoning. :-}
I'll close for now.... Take care and God bless ya'll.

Monday, June 22, 2009


G'day to ya'll!
We washed the horses the evening of the 19th.... Millie stood better than I thought she would for all the water and soap, I guess she's used to my unusual ways by now. :-) Lyds and I rode 7 miles the morning of the 20th and then 9 miles in the afternoon. Millie and Coyote don't mind being ridden for that long except that their feet are tender on the gravel. We try to travel in the ditch as often as possible to save them from limping. Millie like to be right on the edge of the ditch and the road, just where the grass is growing but not on a side hill. I would like to find someone who could trim Millie before we left for WA, or maybe have Dad trim her. She hasn't been trimmed since before we left for the long ride in Sept. of '08. So she does need a good trim. I want to do it couple days before we leave for WA to give her a weeks worth of time to get over the soreness that always comes after a trimming.
21st was church in Endeavour a visiting young preacher shared with us that morning. About living water flowing from you, not having a bag of faith but having the living faith in your life. Good talk with people after service. Brad (the pastor) can tell the greatest storries.... no wonder kids love being around him so much. I hope to learn a lot from him, Brad believes that souls are much more important than having the perfect place, the perfect family, the perfect look.... He'd rather be saving souls for Jesus. :-)
22nd Lyds and I didn't get up in time to go riding this morning..... I got to bed late (10:30 or so) and Uriah woke me up crying around midnight, said his left knee hurt so I rubbed his knee till he stopped crying, then I went back to bed.
I was reading my Bible this morning in Psalms and this verse caught my attention.... I will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth Psalm 34:1...... I know myself that I do not praise the Lord enough. I'm not thankful like I should be.... I complain a lot about things that don't go my way. I want to rememeber this verse and remind myself to always praise God no matter where He puts me. :-)
We're getting ready for the trip down to WA.... Lydia's decided that she should probably start sewing as she only has a week or so to get her two dresses done.... :-) Nothing like leaving things till you have to get them done. :-D Mom wants to pick up all the food stuff for the trip today in Preeceville and I need to get some vitamins, AA batteries for my personal CD player (so someone can be listening to that while we're on the trip) and some shampoo and conditioner... this water is kind of rough on my hair so I want to try to get some on the nutrients back in it by getting organic shampoo and conditioner. Hopefully I will soon see a diference and not have my hair so dry. I like hair that's somewhat easy to work with. :-) I also need to try to find another set of ear phones so I can use them for my computer... I bought Naomi a set in Mellville, I should have piced up myself a set.... Oh well, I'll try to find some in Preeceville. :-)

Friday, June 19, 2009


The second one you can see Jesse and and the pastor in a three legged race. Jesse's wearing the western shirt. Brad (the pastor) is wearing red.


well here goes, I hope that these work.

More Update

June 15th, Two days till Cilla's Birthday. She'll be 8 then. Growing fast isn't she. :-)
Good ride this morning, Millie is so good and sweet, asking to be caught, eager to run on the ride. Yeah I know not the tale of a horse seller.... but I won't be mad if I do end up keeping her another year or so. Who knows what will happen in this year, I could get married though that is rather unlikely from the looks of the people around us belief wise, Dad would never allow it. But I'm not going to complain, so onto another happier subject. :-)
June 16th, all but the peas are planted in the garden. There migth even be some room for flowers at the one end. I did plant a row of sunflowers there already. :-) I do like sunflowers such a cheerful bold, flower.
June 18 Cilla's birthday went well, she received a horse headstall/bridle from Lydia, Martha and I. So she and Zeke spent about an hour playing with Al using her new bridle. :-)
Lydia, Martha, Ellie and I went down to the neighbours and worked for 2 hours pulling weeds out of what's supposed to be flower bed surrounding two rocks at the end of the drive. The lady of the house is pregnant with her 4th child, and due any day so she hasn't been able to keep up on her gardening. :-) She'd like us to come back Friday and plant the flower beds that we weeded on the 17th. :-)
June 19 Okay no planting for the neighbours today they had something else that came up. :-) I was able to finish planting all our flowers, Now the only flower we need to plant is Mom's rose we bought her for Mother's day. :-)
One of Naomi's fingers has swollen and gotten infected (it seems happen every few months) so our music practice has screeched to a halt... if you could please pray for her finger to heal and us be able to practice soon. Couple of the younger kids have been feeling under the weather the past couple days, Jesse and Uraih both throw up, but with the other it's just really tired, fever and headache, please pray that we will all be well and doing good for going down to WA for the annivarsary. Thank you. :-)
Ya'll take care and God bless.

Good afternoon

June 12, 2009
Well it's said that busy hands keep the heart happy.... I guess that could be the story of our lives the past few weeks or so. We did have one blow up, but so far it's not been mentioned again so lets hope alls well that ends well. :-)
Yes we are in Endeavour.... well not exactly in the town, 13 miles out. I told you about the place a few posts back so.... you can read of it there. We just got the garden tilled by a neighbour as the soil was too hard for our rototiller to work. Lord willing we'll be planting it in the coming week or so.
It took 4 days to move all our stuff up to the farm from Waldron. We settled in for the night on Friday the 5th. Picked up the horses from Eugenes place on the 6th. Last several days some of us children have been riding the horses every morning, getting up around 6:00 am and riding till 8:00 am at which time breakfast is usually served. Right now Jesse and I are trading off using Ellie's saddle, I ride in the morning and Jesse rides in the afternoon with the others. Seems to be working out OK so far. :-) I need to find myself a saddle.... I do have Millie for sale, but if she doesn't sell by end of June I'll be keeping her at least over the winter again. Guess I'll see where God leads in that situation. If she doesn't sell... Ellie and I are thinking of breeding our fillies to have babies next year. Probably this July we'll put them in with a stud that we like. :-)
Lydia and I are sharing a room, the boys have the room across the way, Cilla, Ruth and Sara share the room that backs up to Lyds and mine, Dad's and Mom's room is right next to the bathroom. Ellie, Naomi, and Martha share the 'greenhouse' room off the garage. So far we're all snug and getting along OK, no fights over rooms yet. :-)
5 of us girls have been practicing the half hour music program that we intend to sing down in WA. We only have 2 weeks to get ready for going down there. I need to work on the fiddle more.... haven't been practicing and you can tell when it comes to playing the fiddle tunes. Hopefully I'll not screwup on stage. ;-)
I've gone through my clothing and found that by matching up a few more things I can skim by with only making up one new dress. So this next week... inbetween planting the garden, I'll try to sew a dress for Cilla and maybe one for Ruth. Ellie, (I'm hoping) will be willing to sew up a dress for each of them as well. I think Martha needs at least one dress as well, though she really doesn't want to do any sewing.... have to remind myself that Mom had to take the time to teach me how to sew when I was 8 and Martha's never had that training so I'll probably need to take her under my wing and teach her the more intricate sewing. :-) She already knows how to sew up some, but it is not a favorite thing for her to do. :-)
June 13, planted some of the garden today. Corn and beans. Some of us went to a greenhouse a few miles from here, bought some flowers, tomatoes and strawberries. Went into Preeceville afterwards and Dad picked up some things from Home Hardware, also bought a humingbird feeder and feed at my request. I picked up a cute card.... two woman in old time clothing carrying shotguns.... the saying: God grant us the patience to change the men we can, the aim to shoot the men we can't, and the wisdom to know the difference. LOL! Yeah exactly what I mean. :-)
Sunday, June 14th , today was a great day! We went and had fellowship and a picnic lunch at Ketchen Lake Bible Camp, it was so good to be back around people again. Well at least be around Christians. It's mostly young families.... most of the children from 15 to 2 years old. Wonderful age group for the younger kids. Some of the families weren't there so we don't know what everyone looks like yet. :-) Dad says that we'll probably be going to fellowship with them in the next few weeks, but that could always change as they don't believe exactly like we do. (Please keep us in your prayers on the subject of fellowship, We really need to have some and certainly don't get it home churching. :-) Thanks. ) They have a water slide there into the lake, home made of course. :-) Any how it looks like tons of fun, Cilla and Uriah ended up going down fully clothed..... without permission though, so they were corrected once we got home. :-) Eugene dropped by the camp about half way throught the afternoon then came to our place for supper and talked till 10:00 pm.... which is very typical of him and Dad, getting into long disscusions. :-) I'll try to post some pictures of the games from Sunday soon. :-D

Friday, June 12, 2009

new Place

Okay we're moved in!!!!
My computer's been for acouple weeks or so at the computer shop so I will try to post more latter.


May 26th we just finished eating Jesse's birthday meal... homemade pizza, ice cream and brownies. :-) Don't you all wish you could have joined us? I love that sort of meal, sure it takes a bit to make but hey it tastes so good homemade. Dad and Mom are intending to head out for town in the next couple minutes, Ellie and Lydia are playing music.... the rest of the kids are around the house or outside playing. I haven't gotten any sewing or cutting out done, I really should do some this afternoon while Dad and Mom are away, everything seems to be quieter with them away and the table's empty for working at. :-)

For those of you who are wondering our birthday's run throughout the year in this order:

Ezekiel: Feb. 9th

Dad(Kirk): Feb. 24th

Sara: Mar. 18th

Elizabeth: May 3rd

Jesse: May 26th

Naomi: May 31st

Priscilla: June 17th

Lydia: July 10th

Uriah: July 17th

Mom (Heidi): Sept. 8th

Ruth: Sept. 19th

Martha: Dec. 25th

Hannah (me): Dec. 31st

So that's us....no bothering to tell you how old we are. LOL! :-)

So I'll save more room for more exciting things later on. G'day to ya'll for now. :-)

May 29th, Ahh just a few days pass and things pick up... :-) Today all but Naomi, Cilla and Ruth went up to MB to pick up the shop stuff that Dad dropped off in March. We left at 5:38 am this morning and arrived home around 8:00 pm. Got plenty dirty picking up all the shop stuff, only a few misshaps and nothing serious. Couple squished fingers on Martha and Lydia, the air compresser almost squashed Dad which seems to happen at least once every move... LOL! But all in all a good dad. We dropped by Pletts (Klassens was where the shop things were stored) (where Dad, Ellie and Lydia stayed when they were up in MB) and had a good conversation about 1 ½ hours long. It was nice to meet them and get to know who the girls were talking about. :-)

Tomorrow Lord willing we'll be going to a weiner roast and Ed and Delores Pilipow's. We might be going to a garage sale thing before we head over to Pilipow's place. Sounds like lots of fun. :-)

Sunday is Naomi's 23rd Birthday so we'll be staying around home (hopefully). :-)

Monday, We're supposed to go into Melville and sign papers on the place up in Endeavour. And then Tuesday or Wednesday we'll start bringing stuff up to our new place. We have to do some cleaning before we can move in so we'll have to bring the vacum cleaner and some rags when we go up and unload the shop stuff.

I should run now... maybe more later. :-)

Weiner roast went great. Had some fun throwing the frisbee around after talking for a while then Lydia gave a short lesson to Delores on the guitar. Learning chords “A” and “D”. :-)

Oh yeah a couple days ago I cut out one of my dresses.... I wont sew it up till we get up to our new place. I think I'll wait to cut out the other two dresses till we're somewhat settled. :-)

Hey have you ever watched the movie Fly Away Home? It's very real life.... a movie I wouldn't mind having for our own. We just rented it from the library but I really liked it. :-) Another movie on my wish list. :-)