Saturday, February 28, 2009

Still waiting on God's leading

Dad and the girls up in Manitoba have not found anything to rent or buy as of yet... So we keep praying that God will lead Dad where we are to settle.

Here at home we're in the midst of figting colds... I'm almost over mine just of touch of sore throat and runny nose. I hope that I am well enough to go to church tomorrow, not only to say goodbyes but also to hand out our 2008 DVD to those at church.

Here's a couple pictures of Naomi in the dress that I made for me... LOL! and that she fits! "grins"

Isn't she pretty in it? :-)
Ya'll have a great day and God bless!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ahh the joys of life... :-D

You know no matter how many times it happens and I say the it never will again God always seems to have different plans... I had cut out a dress for myself of a new pattern (the one that we girls were going to use if we were intending to sing) and made it up over the past week inbetween packing and running around... well what to you know it doesn't fit! So of course Naomi receives a new dress... I don't know how many times I've made up a new pattern and it doen't fit me worth a hoot... but Naomi looks like an angel in it! LOL! (I just read that off to Naomi and she laughed at me! ) Oh well I'm just glad to have a smaller sister that can fit what I can't... :-D
Now she wants me to take pictures of her in it.... So I'll have to run till later.
We have to feed the horses today... and I'm gonna call a friend of mine today.... besides all the packing we'll be doing... "grins" I intend to stay as busy as possible... Oh goody Naomi's going to use my camera to take self portraits so now I don't have to... LOL! :-D I just love sisters!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Moving out of the country!!!

That's what we're doing! Moving back to Canada... Manitoba. Dad, Ellie and Lydia are planning on leaving early tomorrow morning with the truck and horse trailer (filled with shop things) going up to Man. and finding a rental for us then unloading the trailer and coming back. Here at home the ones left behind will be packing.
Mom's due on March 9th though she thinks she'll go over like she has the past several pregnacies... and we are hoping that the baby will be born in Canada so it can have dual citizenship...
Naomi's slowly gaining back her strength... every day she seems to improve in some way... she still can't do any sort of work so the packing load will be on my 'young' shoulders along with my big helpers the younger siblings. :-D
Other than that we've all been doing well, getting along as well as can be expected not knowing when we're going to be moving or even exactly where yet! LOL! God certainly moves in mysterious ways doesn't he? "grins" At least in the Holter family He seems to like popping plans and ideas up when we least expect them. He's always there with us and that's all that matters!
Thank the Lord we have Him to trust on!
This song's really good! Listen to it and know what we trust in! :-)