Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Still being sick

Friday Jan. 22nd Being sick is getting old again. :-) For some reason we aren't dropping this, one person gets somewhat well and others get sicker, then the person who was OK goes down again and on we go. :-/ Naomi's not doing very well, her eyes got very blood shot and with her coughing she strained her eyes and her right eye burst a blood vessel behind the eye lid so it's looks pretty bad. She doesn't want to go to the doctor, and I'm not sure that they can do anything more than we're doing right now. She's taking lots of vitamins and different lung things hoping that she doesn't go into pneumonia again. It's been said that pneumonia doesn't ever go away... I really wish there was a way I could help her get better but right now all I can do is pray and hope God will start healing her. ;-) The rest of us are in various stages of being sick or getting better. Cilla isn't coughing quite as much which is nice though sometimes she just stands there and coughs without trying to stop herself. She's only 8 so that can be expected I guess. :-) I believe one of the main reasons we get sick is the fact that our family is almost always stressed about something. Something doesn't go right and it gets blown to kingdom come and with it anyone who stands in the way. :-[ I don't know how much we can help it, but someday I'd really love to be able to see how if other families react the way we kids have been raised to react. :-) Highly unlikely that I'll ever get a chance to see another family up-close though. :-) Most people are very good actors for a long long time even after you could call them friends.... things hidden come to light years into your friendship that you had no idea about. :-) But enough on us....
Youth is supposed to be in Hyas tonight. Brad, Carrol and Jay are going out of town so someone else is picking us up. We've been instructed to bring our skates.... I love skating in-spite of my tendency to take spills while on them. :-) I think my knees love the ice a lot more than my skates do. :-) It could be the fact that I didn't start skating till I was 16 and wasn't able to go skating very often then since winter comes early in SK, and we had to clear the slough to go skating in Melville. In Bonners Ferry we never went skating so being out of practice is probably my main problem. :-)
TTYL.... :-)
P.S. Youth went well, there were a couple new kids who came. We skated then some went sledding down a short hill near the house, afterwards we went to the church for a lunch and the bible lesson. :-) We got home around 12:30 am.... :-) Naomi is feeling much better... she's not coughing as much and her eyes have cleared up a lot .

Monday, January 18, 2010

Church and Youth

Sun. Jan. 17th ….Howdy Folks :-)
We've still a few people in the house who feel on the ill side but over half of us were feeling well enough to go to church this morning. We had Tom and Debbie T. over for dinner, they couldn't stay very long into the afternoon as they had chores that needed doing. We had a turkey dinner and peach pie for dessert.
Ellie, Jesse, Martha and I went to Youth on Friday. We skated at the rink in town for around an hour.... I only fell a couple times. :-) Martha had been feeling bad due to some stomach cramps (she sometimes gets for no apparent reason) and I had been intending to walk down to the store to get her some pain killer but a gentleman there had some and gave her a couple to take. :-) She felt well enough to continue skating after a little bit. We had a lunch at the church afterwards and then watched Loui Giglio (I think that's the way you spell his name) on how great the heavens are and how God always has us in his hand and nothing can ever take us out of that. It was really neat, and I learned a lot of things I didn't know before about different stars and so on.
This mornings Youth Sunday school Brad talked about the fact that we need to be examples to the unsaved kids who come to our Youth nights. Several kids who have been coming the past several Youth nights are not saved and have no knowledge of the Bible or God and we as Christians need to be examples of Christ living in us. Reminds me that I need to try to talk to other kids, I have a hard time coming out of my shell to talk to others... besides the fact that I look different from them so they are a little spooked about talking to myself or my siblings about anything. :-) Being 'weird' comes with that price though, I just need to swallow my own nervousness and forget about the fact that I'm different. :-) Something that I've found hard to do. I'm sure God will open doors (or windows) so I can be a help at some time. :-)
Y'all have a great day.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Colds and teeth

Hi y'all,
Hope y'all are enjoying the new year. :-) We've been doing OK here, though most of us are sick with colds. I was doing well but apparently I wasn't ever it far enough. Going to the hospice (which went well by the way) staying up till past midnight for Youth that night then going to the hospice again on Sunday to help with the service.... add going to Swan river to get the forms done for braces and a fair bit of stress thrown in and I'm sick again. LOL! I really sound like I'm complaining don't I?!? Suffice to say I'm hoping and praying that I can go to Youth on Friday evening. I don't like missing church, Youth or Y2J... maybe it's because I've had to miss out on those things a lot in the past several years. I have to admit to loving being able to fellowship with Christians outside my family. :-)
Mom had a root canal and an infected tooth pulled, she needs another root canal as well but I'm not sure when that will happen. Naomi and I need braces on both top and bottom Lydia needs an expander and then only braces on her top. Naomi and I have to get teeth pulled to make room for the others to move, Naomi one and I need 4 pulled. :-/ I'm thankful that God is allowing us to get braces. I think I'll be getting my top braces near the end of Feb and Lydia will be getting a form of some sort for her expander, then in March I'll be getting the bottom set, Naomi will be getting both sets and Lydia will get her expander that she has to wear for three months. :-) Please pray that all goes well and also that Mom can get her other root canal done soon. :-) Thanks

Friday, January 8, 2010

Lots of Posts

Wed. Dec. 23rd Afternoon. :-) It's been snowing here steady since this morning. But it's not that cold, hanging around -8 C or +7 f. And no wind to speak of. :-)
Last night we went to the Youth Banquet at 6:30 pm...we went caroling for 45 min. or so before we ate. Afterwards we spread around the church talked to different people then Brad read the story of Christ's birth from Luke and afterwards we talked some more then people started leaving. We got home around 9:45. It was interesting being there. There were a few kids who don't usually come to Youth and they hadn't come for the fellowship or being with friends..... unfortunately. :-( So it ended up not being as good as most Youth evenings. I just hope that those of us who are Christians were an example an not a stumbling block to them. :-)
Dad, Mom, Sara, Lydia and Jesse went to Yorkton yesterday as well. Dad needed to pick up some different gears from the Sawmill and Mom needed to do shopping. Jesse bought himself a bow, I think it's a Mathew's but I'm not positive he's pretty happy with it. :-) Lydia picked up some new pillows and a set of sheets since hers' are wearing thin.
So there's nothing really exciting happening here. :-) Kind of boring right now, but that could always change.

29th..... Martha's birthday went well... she received books, coffee and a mug along with a chocolate bar, Dad and Mom ordered her a set of sheets that have a wild horse theme and those should be coming soon. :-)
It's been hanging around 0 f, little above during the day. Yesterday was really nice out, sunny and barely any wind. I walked down to the main grid road, Lydia and Martha had taken couple horses out for a short ride and I met them coming back.
We seemed to have come in contact with a cold.... Cilla spends a lot of her time coughing at night. I have a slight sore throat and my ears hurt a little, hopefully I can get over it be Sunday since we want to do some special music. We're signed up for another show at the Hospice on the 8th of Jan. so we'll be practicing that soon. With the colds we aren't feeling to energetic to be playing or singing. :-)
Dad was able to get the gear box back together for the sawmill and he's done some cutting in the past couple days. I don't know how much work he's been doing on the bunk house, but it sounds like it wont be done till summer or next fall, depending on how much priority he puts on it. :-)
Peter and Gabrielle came up for Sunday and they came to our place for Dinner and stayed till 7:00 or so. Gabrielle is doing fairly good. She couldn't laugh much and by the time they were heading out she was looking really tired. I hope we didn't wear her out to badly. There's always so much going on around here that it's hard not to get tired even if you're not having to heal from surgery a couple weeks back. Thanks for the prayers for her. I know she appreciates them. :-)
Happy New Years.

Dec. 4th.... Naomi's and mine special song was good. We made a couple people sniffle and lots of people thanked us for singing something so touching. :-) I love being able to touch peoples hearts through song. I can't witness or encourage very well by just talking, for some reason I'm always sticking my foot in my mouth, but in gospel song I can sing without wondering if I'm going to be making many mistakes or tripping someone up. :-)
The kids are still fighting their colds so it's just gonna be us 4 older girls playing and singing. Naomi says we're not going to do a set program like we usually do, instead just pick songs from a hymn book and we'll play a few fiddle tunes and waltzes so they can dance if they want to. :-) So it should be a more relaxed show this time. :-)
The weather's been fluctuating some, it was colder (-30 f) for a couple days last week and then it blow in some warmer weather for a day of snow and lots of wind from the south. Now it's above 0 f today. :-)
Have y'all ever heard of Blue Highway? A friend of mine gave me their gospel CD for a birthday present one year. I really like this song that one of them wrote called... I'm Asking You. Hope you enjoy. :-)
Talk to y'all later.

Dec. 7th..... well more have fallen sick. Everyone but Naomi and Myself are to sick to sing at the hospice tomorrow. So guess who's going to be doing a duet? :-) I'm sure we'll get through somehow. I'm having to start out a few songs on the banjo.... I wish that Naomi had waited to give me that assignment till I actually knew how to start out a song. :-) Right now all I can do is hit a few chords and away we go. LOL! My vamping is getting better but I'm still doing my open G in-stead of the vamping position. I'm sure it'll come in time. :-)
It's back to cold weather again. We have several things set up for the wood stove in the living-room... Dad used a side of an old combine hopper for the back drop metal and he cut the end off our rain barrel and beat the the metal flat so it fit under (and in front of) the stove. Not classy, but it should work. He's intending to pick up the stove pipe tomorrow and then we'll be putting it all together and hopefully have more warmth in the house. :-)
Naomi, Lydia and I are taking up Mr. (Father) Banga on his request that some of us help do music at the Boys and Girls camp for the month of July this year. We will be paid some for it and that will help us with paying for music camp. Dad will bring us down there at the beginning of July and we'll stay down there till music camp is over. Almost 2 months of being away from home. It will be a good experience for us and for our family to get used to not having all of us older girls around. The younger kids will have to take on some of the chores that we were doing at their age.... like weeding the garden. :-) But Mom has encouraged us to go since she wants to work on the kids and not have so many older kids around. :-)
Oh and a wonderful answer to prayer we found a orthodontist so Naomi, Lydia and myself can get braces at about half the price we could have gotten them in the US. Dad and Mom weren't really hip on us getting braces before now, even when we were living in Melville but they've decided to let us get braces and they also are going to help pay for them! You will have to imagine our thankfulness that we are allowed to get braces and an added blessing on top that our parents are willing to help us pay for them, besides taking the time to drive us to the orthodontist. :-) God does move in mysterious ways. :-)
Hopefully I can post this tomorrow..... :-) Sorry it's been a bit long since I've had a chance to post, somethings went wrong and we didn't have the gas to drive over the neighbors to do any net things. :-)