Monday, May 25, 2009

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May 23, 2009

Greetings from Waldron.... to all the friends and acquaintances who read this blog. :-) It's sunny outside right now, the past week as been a bit on the dark side with rain and even some snow! Rather strange weather for May but no one ever said that Saskatchewan was anything but strange. The people are nice though. :-)

It's been settled that we will be going down to Grandpa and Grandma Holter's 50th wedding anivarsary which in on July 3rd. I'm not exactly sure how many days we intend to take to get down there.... Dad was saying something about doing the driving in 2 days but that means around 15 hours a day which can get hard on the little kids sitting so long. But I'm sure that we will all do OK if that's what Dad decides. I believe that we will be staying 3 days down there... July 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, starting for home on the 5th. :-) We've been asked to do a ½ hour singing and playing for everyone at the 50th celebration. I'm not sure who all will be playing and singing but that will all be worked out by Naomi as she has more expertise in that area than Dad does. :-)

In light of going down there several of us girls and Mom have sewing to do. We hadn't often gotten down to a fabric store in ID so we need some new clothes. All of us have enough play clothes but good clothes are another matter. :-) So we're all sewing up two or (in my case) three good dresses. Mom cut out Ruth's dresses this morning only to find that we somehow over looked lining for her dresses so we will need to pick that up next time in town. It'd be nice if we could get some of the sewing done here as we will most likely be busy up at our new place but.... it is a tight squeeze here without bringing in the sewing machines we may just try to get everything cut out here and be ready to sew up at the new house.

Steve the guy we're buying from up in Endeavour, came out from Alberta and is packing up this week end, not sure when he'll be done but we may be able to move up stuff sooner than June 8th . We still need to get the shop stuff that Dad dropped off in Manitoba when we thought we were gonna be moving up there. I don't know when we'll be getting that stuff.... before or after we move our other stuff up to Endeavour. I'll try to post some pictures of what the place looks like once we get up there. :-)

On Thursday 21st Dad took us horse people up to Yorkton for a horse afternoon. It was a relaxing afternoon and lots of fun. :-) Cilla and I took pictures of the horses so I'll try to post them on here soon. :-)

Been walking with Ellie and Lydia everyday.... well almost everyday. We usually make 5 miles in the evenings after supper. Lydia's usually our talker so Ellie and I drop a few comments to keep her going.... No it's not that bad we do our share of talking when we want to. :-) I think we all enjoy the walks it's a time to get away from the little guys..... we let Dad and Mom walk mid afternoon so they have a little quiet time for themselves. :-)

Sara's getting so big now. Comes times she almost starts laughing. :-) But that will be a few weeks yet, she doesn't know how to laugh yet. I remember once we got Ruth or Cilla to laugh... they scared themselves and started crying after they laughed. :-)

I broke down and bought my own computer.... it's an Emachines brand made by Acer. Ubuntu is the format (I think) and Linux the programming and all. I bought it from CareTek the computer store in Melville owed and operated by our good friends the Nasbys'. I am so far quite pleased with it. :-) One of the main attractions was that Linux computer programming cannot get viruses.... don't ask me how it works I don't have a clue.... LOL! But I am very thankful that the Nasby's had this one last computer, that isn't susceptible to viruses from off the Internet. :-) It's a bit different than WindowXP brand of running gear, but hey if it keeps me from getting viruses I'll be more than glad to learn how to work Linux out. :-)

Sunday (24th) Gerald and Marge Deitrich some of our old neighbors from Melville came over for a visit and music. It was good to catch up on what's been happening in their lives and in the old neighborhood. :-) Donny Schorbahuch and a young friend of his came over as well. All in all an OK Sunday.

For some reason my computer decided to quit playing music?!? Don't ask me why... I'll have to see if I can bring it in to CareTek in the next couple days and ask them to look at it. :-) I do dislike computer problems... not being more than a ditz when it comes to computers anyway I'm not getting very far with this new one. “rollseyes” :-)

Well any how..... I should close here for now.

Take care and God bless you.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

update! :-)

May 17th.... Sunday's been good so far... :-) It's about 3:00 pm here, Eugene came over for service and lunch, we were intending to go to his place to work with the horses but got a call from the Hudy's that they'd like to come over for a visit, so we decided to save the brownies for then and just stay home. :-)
Been reading mostly.... kind of boring but that will change very soon.... the day of possession was June 8th but the fellow said he'd try to get out of the place sooner than that so maybe it'll be the first few days of June that we'll be getting into our new place. :-) I am happy to have a place of our own! Being this past year and a couple months without a home has made owning a place all the more nice. :-)
Went for a 10 mile walk with Ellie and Lydia yesterday.... surprisingly my feet held up and weren't sore at when we got home. Thank you Jesus for that. :-) I'm not a big fan of walking really far... but when you're bored and you've got nothing better to do than read.... :-) Besides I do know that walking is very good for me.... LOL! Okay I do enjoy walking... 10 miles take up the afternoon so that's about as far as we can go... I might draw the line at 15 miles or so.... I don't think I'll have to though. :-) Once we get on our place we'll be super busy cleaning up and working on the garden..... to feel the earth in my fingers.... knowing that those nice straight rows.... I stop... LOL! If any of you know me very well you know that I love gardening..... just about any kind as well. :-)
I managed to cut myself on my left index finger so that's somewhat sore... just a little bit nothing serious. Strange how the little ones hurt worse than the big ones do. :-) I remember.... oh it must be 4 years ago... I was working on opening a jug of ice to cool the turkey carcases we had just butchered when the knife slipped and went into my left hand about ¾ on an inch, right next to my thumb in the palm of my hand.... I was very thankful that I had just washed the knife in bleach water. I headed for the house... trying to stop the blood by clamping it tight with my other hand.... poor Naomi, I called for the door to be opened... she opened it and gasped... I did have quite a bit of blood on my hand and arm and Naomi's never been very keen on the sight of blood. Poor gal... Mom and I were able to stop the blood with a wash cloth... it hurt for quite awhile afterwards. :-) thankfully none of the muscles or tendons were cut so now except for a scar my hands as good as new. :-) Of course you can't see the scar unless you really look for it.... :-)
I think it's so interesting that these “little” things come up.... LOL! Grandma and Grandpa Holter are having their 50th wedding anniversary on July 3rd... and yes Lord willing we'll be going down there. The would like us (the kids at least) to sing hymns and play for ½ hour and then maybe be jamming for a bit. :-) So that means that we get the place.... kind of get settled in and get the garden planted... then we leave for a trip down to the states again.... we were hoping that our SK picture ID's were still good.... and they are. So God's given us another blessing. We do have our passports of course but it's nice to have another card of ID as well. :-)
One of the things that will have to be done once we're in the new place is sewing... you see Mom, Lydia, Martha, Cilla, Ruth and I all need new clothes... as some of you know a lot of the clothes I make end up in Naomi's closet... LOL! Martha, Cilla and Ruth are just being young kids, and Mom didn't have any nice clothes before she was pregnant with Sara any ways so we need to do some fancy sewing once we get up there. Mom says pick out the fabric that we need and have it all ready to be cut out and sewn up. I am thankful that I have learned to sew at a somewhat decent pace..... Ellie says she has enough presentable clothes so she'll probably be the one that helps Martha. We have 4 sewing machines... Mom's, Lyds, Naomi's and mine so we'll all be pretty busy.
Sara's doing great... :-) as you can see from the pictures I posted a few days back she's gotten to smiling really big. :-) Becoming quite the little sweetie.... She's almost laughed a few times but not yet. :-)
I should run now..... the brownies are being served and Hudy's arrived a few minutes ago. Don't you wish you could join me? Brownies and friends seem to go together quite well. :-)
Talk to ya'll later.

Friday, May 15, 2009

May 15th ,The Sorgard girls came for a visit... good to see them again. Naomi and Lindsey are getting all their talking in and looking at pictures, taking pictures.... :-) Erin is once again monopolized by Cilla and Uriah, Ruth isn't super interested in tagging around hanging on Erin's hands but I'm sure if they were staying a week Ruth would have gotten over her shyness and become a tag along as well. :-) Fortunately Erin is of good temperament so being hung on doesn't seem to bother her to badly.
Hey got good news here.... Dad and Mom put an offer on a place and guess what?!? It was excepted!!!!! Yay.... whoooooo!!!! LOL! Dad and Mom put money down a couple days ago... the fellow who owns it says that he'll try to be out by June. :-) It's two quarters deeded two quarters leased from the government.... up near Endeavor.... about 2 hours or more from the place we rent in Waldron. It's all bush/forest on the leased land and about 2/3rds grass/pasture/alfalfa on th deeded land. A few out buildings.... most of which need major repair or torched. The yard is kind of small.... and very close to the road. The garden's okay size, there's 4 apple trees, some raspberries (that need lots of work) and some Saskatoon bushes. Oh and lots of rhubarb. Some flowers.... and a few bulbs which are coming up and getting ready to bloom in the next few weeks. The house isn't super big... it's been added on, there are 4 bedrooms, a smaller kitchen, a living room that's quite large and comfortable, one... well no I guess two bathrooms.... only one has a door on it though. :-) there's a basement under the old part of the house, not finished of course and a cold room which is nice. There's a one car garage and a summer kitchen/greenhouse thing attached to the garage which is attached to the house. I think Dad and Mom said that once we get the place the first things being done are a shop being built and the one car garage being turned into a mud room/laundry room. They are thinking of turning the summer kitchen room into a bed room as the bathroom is not in a very convenient way.... there's no fan and it's not a full sized tub...any how there's a window on one side of the tub instead of a fan... strange. :-) there's also no pantry for the kitchen... they do have a good sized dining room which is nice. As I said the kitchen is kind of small... not as awkward as the one in Bonners Ferry but still quite small... But that problem could be remedied by either getting some of us girls getting married soon or adding on. :-)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


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Holter kids

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Good afternoon.....

Good morning! Yesterday May 10th, Mothers day... Ray Bell a guitar instructor came by for a visit. He was returning to his home in Regina from a camp in Manitoba where he taught guitar for a couple days. We had a bit of frisbee, lunch, some jamming and a bit more frisbee before he had to leave. It was good to see him again. :-)
After Ray left we headed up for a couple hours at Eugene's place to work with the horses. Lydia sold Alpache so she worked with Coyote (Dad's black gelding). Ruth led Millie around (with me keeping an eye on her) for about ½ hour. She (Ruth) had lots of fun being “boss” over a big horse. :-) After Ruth was tired of horse play she went and played with Uriah and Cilla on an old combine.... Kid Martha's horse was being a bit of a stinker so she had her hands pretty full. But before we left she had his head down and he was licking n' chewing so what she'd worked him on was actually working in his brain. :-) I worked with Millie on ground tying mostly... some side passing and squeeze game as well. All in all it was a good afternoon. :-)
On the way home we stopped by Skinners Nursery in Yorkton and bought Mom a rose for Mothers Day. It's a dark red simple rose called 'Emily Carr'. She was pretty happy that we got her a gift. :-) It's never been a habit of our family to get gifts for Mother's/Father's day.... Dad's always thought that birthdays were enough to get gifts, but when Lydia suggested that we get a gift for Mom..... and then I said a rose he decided it wasn't such a bad idea. :-) After we got home and ate supper Lydia and I went for a 4 mile walk. It never feels like a full day unless we've been able to go for a walk. :-) Guess it's a way to slow down after a day and also to talk without distractions. LOL! :-)
A couple verses caught me a couple days ago in my Bible reading. I have never heard a sermon preached on these two verses. So any preachers out there... :-) if you do preach on this would you send the sermon to me? LOL! 1 Chronicles 4:9 & 10 “And Jabez was more honourable than his brethren: and his mother called his name Jabez, saying, Because I bare him with sorrow. And Jabez called on the God of Israel, saying, Oh that thou wouldest bless me indeed, and enlarge my coast, and that thine hand might be with me, and that thou wouldest keep me from evil, that it may not grieve me! And God granted him that which he requested.” It reminded me of how God teaches us to pray in the new testament. Well any how.... I'm gonna post an article on this... that I wrote after I read the verses about Jabez. It kind of bounces around though. My mind wasn't behaving and staying in line. :-)
Today 12th it was looking pretty dark out side in the morning... just a bit after noon it started pouring and hailing, so Lydia, Ellie, Jesse and I grabbed our slickers and headed out for some fun in the rain. :-) Guess we haven't grown up to much. :-) After about 30 minutes it cleared off and got back to being warm and sunny. So Lyds and I went for a walk after supper. :-)
Dad's going to try offering on a place about 2 hours from where we rent.... just pray that God will lead. :-)
Hey we're in Yorkton so I can post this.... :-)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Hey ya'll

Hey ya'll! How's it going? We've all been doing pretty good here in Waldron. Today being Ellie's birthday (May 3rd) she's 19 now... makes me feel old. LOL! She got a set of rubber-maid containers, a magnet and a headstall with reins.
Eugene came over for church and lunch then we had him take some family pictures of us... so we'll be going through those and looking to see if we can send off any to family and friends.
Then all but Mom, Sara, Naomi, Ruth and I went up to Eugene's place to work with the horses.... the reason I didn't go?.... I have somehow managed to get blisters on my right foot... strange thing is I've been walking for the past 2 weeks from 4-8 miles a day and not had a problem with my feet other than my right heel some times causes me pain.... but somehow I've got blisters on my toes (this is a great subject LOL! Not!) so I decided (after I took a pin to the blisters and drained the liquid) that I'd put my homemade salve on them and stayed out of my boots for the day... hopefully by tomorrow I can walk without to much pain and I can keep up walking. I did wish I could go riding but... I really didn't want to wear my boots (which is the only pair of shoes I have out....) well anyhow... I stayed home. :-)
Helped Ruth mix up cookies.... put Sara to sleep (walking back and forth in the living room) several times, and in between doing those things, I was able to watch Hymns VHS by Gaithers and Dream On by EHSS.... both of which I enjoy greatly.... well one part on Dream On I don't care for... Chonda Peirce.... her sense of humor was a little on the gray side rather than white. :-/ But other than that I really like the DVD... even Jessy Dixon.... love his Operator... LOL! And the Youth and Young Adult Choir is SO in sync with their director... wow is all I can say! They're really really good! Oh yeah the main attraction of the DVD is Ernie, Ryan, Doug and Timmy! But you know.... :-) They're so good some times I look at them and say how on earth could I ever reach that quality singing? Boy oh boy, I guess tons and tons of practice.... which is something that I haven't been doing lately. I admit to be slacking in that area... Yeah I know I need to get on the ball and practice by myself or with my sister(s). Did you know that “Tomorrow is the greatest labor saving device of today”. LOL! In other words... I need an excuse to be lazy about practicing..... my excuse? Today's Sunday so it's supposed to be a day of rest. “smirk” Yeah right! (Martha snorts at me... LOL!)
Hey did you all know that Eagle Song by Russ and Tori Taff is a really neat song? I'll try to post it sometime on here so you can hear it for yourself.
Today's sermon was by Mike Pearl on the second half of Romans chapter one.... very good. You know if you're going to get any preaching mp3's or Cd's from Pearls Romans and Sanctification are really good. I would suggest them to anyone. I'm so glad that when I asked God to save me He took all my sin away and I don't have to 'die' to self. Jesus did it all on calvary! I don't have to work my way to heaven.... God doesn't see the awful mistakes and stumbles that I make in the way... God sees Jesus and He's satisfied. Thank you Jesus for saving me! “You're looking at a child forgiven, You're looking at a soul set free, You're looking at a pardoned prisoner, Who's walking now in liberty. I'm standing here because of wondrous grace, My sins are in the deepest sea, He washed me clean somehow, So what you're seeing now, Is a happy, happy child set free!” Child Forgiven by Suzanne Gaither Jennings and William (Bill) Gaither..... I love that song... it really speaks about God and His love! :-)
This didn't get posted the day after I wrote it so here's another little bit... Alpache's been spoken for by some people who bought a horse from us before we moved down to the states. Any how their 13/14 year old girl really fell in live with the horse so Lyds should be getting a check sometime this week. Had someone look at Red but the person didn't have the experience to work with a younger horse.... someone called about Millie (my horse) but they haven't pursued her any more. Guess I'll keep praying for God to bring along the right buyer. Having only bought Millie (as a yearling in 2006) to resell I haven't let myself get to attached to her. :-) Not that I've ever been attached to an animal... “shrug” well I did cry after losing those puppies.... I worked over them for 5 days, getting up at night and trying to make them eat, in the end all 7 of them died I felt pretty bad seeing them waste away and nothing I could do about it. Oh well I didn't start typing this to tell you about pain. :-) Walked with Lydia after they (part of the family who went up to sell Alpache) I guess My foot isn't ready to walked on very fast... “sigh” So today after Lyds finishes her school we'll probably go walking but slowly so I can place my foot in a way that keeps my weight off the blisters. :-) Enough on this heel (or is that toe) of a problem. :-) LOL!
Hey here's a prayer request... a friend of mine from NC ( her Mom is expecting again... and Mrs. Wright has Diabetes.... could you pray for a safe pregnancy and delivery for her? Speaking of babies... Sara's doing great. :-) Today Mom was busy with the kids school work and Sara was crying in her bed.... any how I was just going to go change the laundry and Mom was going to change Sara's diaper, that little girl has got the biggest grin for a baby. LOL! Ummmm you get this, My kid better than your kid? LOL! Maybe that'd be my sister but any how. I love having a baby in the house again. :-)
Ya'll have a great day and God bless you!