Monday, January 3, 2011

back to college

2nd.... the party was a success.... of course there were few people than we had hoped could come, but that made it a little easier on me. I suppose in a sense I wasn't the most amazing hostess, but then I had Mom and all my sisters doing their parts. :-) We stayed up till 2:00 am.... late nights, gotta love them. :-)
Enjoying having Sarina here for the weekend, she always brightens my day. :-) Both of us have our troubles with various things at college, (mostly disparaging remarks that are so often made when someone is 'different' than others) so we can relate to each other in a closer way than most of the people up there. I'm glad that she's my friend, she's helps my lots and give me a good perspective on many things that I have a hard time sorting out in my head. :-)
Church today, and then going to a birthday party of sorts.... from there Sarina and I will drive to college.... actually I'll probably end up driving. :-) Its good to have my permit, even if the people in Nipawin wouldn't let me get it up there. LOL! Some people simply can't think out of the box they've created for themselves. :-) But that's okay, I have it now and I know that God had reasons for my not getting it till now. The 9 months will end in Sept. and its then that I can take my road test, I also have to find someone who will teach me the 6 hours of in car and 6 hours in class teaching. But God will provide that in His good timing. :-) I will look for it and ask that He provide and then I will wait for Him to provide. :-)
I should get everything ready to pack in the car.... and then we'll be on our way to church. :-) See or talk to you all later.... well maybe not all of you, but you are in my prayers. :-) Thanks so much for the prayers that you have offered up for me.
Evening.... got here fine. Sarina drove on the grid roads and had me take over once we got to the highway. No real problems came up and its time to hit the grind tomorrow. :-)


Naomi said...

I'm happy for you. May this year be fulfilling. :hugs:

Anonymous said...

Happy that the party was a success; staying up late IS fun!
Have fun driving back to college! :)
So are you free to drive with anyone over the age of 25 or?
Here if you're under 18, you have to drive a minimum of 6 months and with someone over 25. But once you are over 18, you can get your permit and then turn around and get your license the next week if you wanted to ;)
I had my permit renewed twice and then got my license right before I turned 23. I know, I'm so old but I guess it was all in God's good timing after all :)

Highway driving is nice and usually easy. I like that the best. the freeway scared me for years... I barely drove on the freeway at all before I got my license. Now that I've driven on my own, it gets easier and easier with time and practice. It's mostly other people's driving that scares the beejeebus out of me =P

The Panhandle Roughriders said...

I can only drive with some one who's had their license for 5 years. So that makes my only ability to drive with one person/student from college. :-) Which is fine. I'm jealous of where you live Samantha... I wish that I could get my real driver license in such a short time. :-) But God has other plans.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that is too bad that you are restricted with whom you can drive with. =/
How old are you now? Who knows, you might get your license about the same age I did.