Friday, June 10, 2011

And Another Post

So I talked to Mom yesterday... Lydia, is working full time at the meat shop, Jesse is working full time for the people who he was working for during the winter. Ellie's shoulder is doing well, and seems to be healing nicely. The other kids are working around the place... with the garden and all such things. Mom is busy trying to hold the house together. Dad works off and on at a gravel pit... but that job is almost through, so they don't know what he will do after that. :-) Jesse and Martha have braces now... and they are enduring the pain that comes with that now. Poor kids... it's one thing to have the pain oneself... but it's another to know that your younger siblings are having to endure it. :-p I wish they didn't have to but God has his reasons for making our jaws to small for our teeth. :-)
Anyhow... I have a wedding to attend tomorrow... :-) That should be fun. I love weddings... though I have to admit that I haven't met a girl that doesn't :-)

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Anonymous said...

Poor Jesse and Martha! Braces are no fun. I had to have them due to very crooked front teeth. =/ and everything was just kind of mis-aligned. But all is well now.