Friday, September 26, 2008

Sept. 25th Day 3

September 25th, 2008 – day 3 – 18.2 miles
It was warmer this morning though very wet from the dew. Our tent is sopping! But I must say I enjoyed doing the dishes this morning because my hands weren't freezing. :-) Cooking outside is fun, especially when you have homemade perogies on the menu. Yes, that's what we had for breakfast, along with oatmeal and cold cereal. Sound yummy? It is. :-)
Lydia is feeling pretty crummy. She thinks it's because she got hurt yesterday and it put a lot of stress on her system. She has little voice, stuffy nose and a nasty headache. :-P The bruise on her leg is the coolest bruise I ever saw! She thinks she got it when she was thrown off coyote.
Right now, Mom is walking Uriah, who is riding Coyote, out to the road where the other riders are. Bev just arrived and her timing was about perfect. :-) We're ready to hit the road!
We're trying to stay off of grid #617 because it's supposed to be busier but Bev says that in order to cross the valley, we'll need to get on it. I think it's still safer than the highway, though.
3:00 pm
We are about to cross through a section of the Au' Quapelle valley, near Wolseley. There's a wee little town called Ellisboro right in the bottom of the valley. There's two little churches right across the road from each other. Very Saskatchewan. I love it! Today is absolutely beautiful. The sun is shining, it's warm out, the wind is blowing, keeping all the bugs at bay... very nice Indian Summer weather.
Cilla rode for a while after we ate lunch and when she and Zeke traded places right before we went into the valley, she said one driver honked at them. I haven't verified or gotten further details on that from the other riders (I forgot ;-P) but we are on the 617 with more traffic so that's probably exactly what happened. No one else has mentioned or complained about it though and I think we've been blessed with understanding drivers. :-)
4:15 pm
The valley has been crossed with no accidents. PTL! Mom drove behind the horses on the way down (with her flashers on) and on the way up, she drove in front of them. We found another place to camp about 5 miles out of Ellisboro. It's nice... though the mosquitoes have come out and are biting us. Hopefully the wind will come up and chase them all away.
Dad and Mom need to go for water this evening. Our big tank lasted us for two days and they used the last of it for the horses this evening.
No accidents today! We took precautions, though.

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Bev said...

Riding with you 3 days was fun. Wish I could have stayed longer. Enjoy the trip, ride safe, and look after your horses. LOL
Looking forward to keeping in touch through your blog