Friday, September 26, 2008

Sept. 26th. Day 4

September 26th, 2008 – day 4 -- 10:30 am
Yesterday evening, Jesse and Zeke made themselves a tent out of a tarp because Dad and Mom were gone with the trailer and they wanted to go to bed (and because they thought it would be fun to sleep in a homemade tent! :-)). When Ellie saw that, she decided to make one too, so she and Martha (Ellie's shadow) also slept in a homemade tent. :-) They said they slept as snug as two bugs in a rug and both parties thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
Our tent was not as wet as it was yesterday and the floor wasn't wet at all. I was happy about that. We left it up until just now (we're about ready to take off) because the sun is out and the wind is blowing. A good friend of ours warned us about the hazards of not drying out a tent... and I really would be happy if we still had a whole tent when we reach our destination. :-)
We used the last of our drinking water this morning so Jesse brought a pan of slough water for washing the dishes. It had green stuff floating in it. I was going to strain is through a towel (after it boiled) but Mom said we would just rinse the dishes now and wash them later. We wouldn't bother doing anything with them except for the fact that dried granola and jam are a real pain to wash off. :-) So I rinsed the dishes and nothing bit me. :-) We plan to pick up drinking water in Wolseley this morning... and I'm hoping while we're at it to get an internet connection and post some stuff on the blog.
It will be different to not start the day out with Bev. Yesterday was her last day with us... she rode all day and had supper with us in the evening. It was tons of fun. We miss you dear!
Martha and Uriah have coughs.. Lydia, Cilla, Zeke and Ruth have stuffy noses. No one seems too terribly miserable, though. Lydia seems a lot better than she was yesterday... and I feel 75% better. PTL! :-) :-) Hannah is feeling a lot better, too.


Lindsey said...

So good to see an update already. I've been checking every day. :) Sounds like you've had a bit of excitement to start off the trip. Keeping you all in my prayers! Hi to everyone. :)

Dolores said...

saying good-bye was not easy. Have fun on your journey. Remember that smiles and laughter will get you through. My thoughts and prayers are with you.. Stay Safe..