Friday, January 9, 2009

It's warming up!

It's starting a false spring here. We've been getting 5 degrees C, or 40 degrees F. It's crazy! I recon it's about -20 degrees C in Sask. We're losing snow now, but Nevin Neal (our pastor) says that we're supposed to get more in a couple of days.

Means how Dad and I are still fighting ear infections somebody told Mom and Dad how to make this rinse. You take 1/2 a teaspoon of viniger (white or apple cider), 1 cup of water, and 1 teaspoon of salt. I don't know if that's the exact perportions, but you get the idea. Then you heat it up till it's warm and then sniff it up your nose. :-) Dad has been do this faithfully 3 times a day, but I wasn't doing it until once my ears started hurting again, as they do off and on. Well I didn't know the perportions and I just mixed up what I thought sounded good. And that was, about 1/2 a cup of water, over a teaspoon of white vinager, and a teaspoon of salt. When I first tried it, it was a good thing I was standing by a counter, I near fainted! ;-) That stuff was STRONG! LOL! But once wasn't enough so I tried it again! This time I had braced myself for it but again it near wiped me out. I havn't tried the stuff since! Not even with the proper perportions. I guess I'm not very brave! :-) So until my ears start paining me again I'll put up with the bit of stuffiness.

The other day Martha and I went riding when we went out to feed the horses. The horses are at the end of the drive way so Dad dropped us off and then went up to talk to Allen. Martha and caught our horses and then rode them up to the barn where our saddles are. After saddling and going for a little ride we came back unsaddle and then headed back down to the pen (riding bareback of course). We were just walking along but then remembered that we hadn't tried some new treats on Alpache and Kid. So we turned around and cantered back to the truck and gave them some. When we were on our way back down the road, I wanted to canter again so after talking Martha into it I put Pache into a trot. Well Pache dear decided that a fast trot is what he wanted to do, nothing faster and nothing slower! Martha and I were laghing so hard we nearly fell off. Finally I got Pache to walk again, and later tried for a canter again and got him to do it. Riding is so much fun!

Well G'day for now.


Emily said...

40 degrees is warm?! We're having 70 degree weather highs here in Florida...and I think that is cold! Sent your letter today, so hopefully you'll be getting it soon.

Have a great day!
Emily G.

The Panhandle Roughriders said...

I think 40 degrees is crazy! It's the beginning/middle of January! In Sask Jan/Feb/Mar were our coldest months. We'd for sure get at least one week of -40 degrees. I remember one time in Feb of 2007 it was -50 degrees F, plus wind chill. Which made it about -56 degrees F. :-) So you see why 40 degrees F is warm!

Hey! I can't wait to get your letter!


The Pollock Family said...

We love the beautiful pictures and going on a ride crossing into Montana sounds like a dream!! We live in Florida, and just got back from the Rockies where it was also magnificent. We just found your blog yesterday and enjoy the pics very much.

God Bless Your Family,
The Pollocks