Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Saskatchewan again?

Dad and Jesse headed up to SASK this morning. They are going to look for land near Maple Creek. I put all the horses that we have for sale on the internet and have had interest in 4 of them. I'm excited! To see them go to either or We are having BBQ hamburgers in a pocket for lunch today! They are sooooooo good! I love em!
Please pray for Dad to have wisdom about where to move and, Naomi has pnomia (SP!), again. She doesn't feel good, please pray for her! She needs it! Thanks.



Emily said...

Hi Lydia! I just realized that I sent you my blog link in my letter, but I forgot to mention it's a private blog! I'm going to need your email address in order to send you an invite! Maybe you can include it in your next letter or something!

Write when you can!

The Panhandle Roughriders said...

Hey Emily,
Do you need my personal email, or the one that we're signed onto blogspot with? I think you can email us from the profile.


Anonymous said...

Do you have a personal email address?? Give it to me if you do....I'll go find ur dad's and give you mine!!! But if you have ur own that would totally be awesome!!!

The Panhandle Roughriders said...

My email address is

The Pollock Family said...

Good to hear from you Naomi. We were wondering where you were thinking about moving? We've been praying about a move and where the Lord would have us for about 4 years now. We're thinking strongly about Missouri, but haven't gotten full direction yet.
Idaho looks like a beautiful place!

Hope to hear from you soon.

In Christ,
The Pollocks