Monday, March 9, 2009

Plans plans and more plans...

Well.... Dad wants to leave Thursday the 12th.... that means today the 9th we take apart all the beds, clean out the stock trailer and hopefully start loading it. Tomorrow the 10th we'll finish loading the stock trailer and move a lot of the other boxes and perhaps matresses up to the garage for easy loading into the U-haul on Wed. the 11th. That day we load all day and have everything ready for leaving Thursday morning... :-) Thursday Lord willing we'll be driving 5-7 hours (depending on road conditions) and hopefully arriving at the Sorgard family house that evening... leaving early Friday morning and arriving near Melville at our rental in Hudy's back yard..... :-D Plans.... Lord willing our trio will be blessed and we will all arrive in one piece! If you could pray for Ellie, Lydia and Dad.... they all have colds.... Ellie's the worst off, the cold went straight to her chest like usual and she's pretty miserable right now... please pray that she will heal soon.
Mom is now one day over due... "grins" if you could please pray that she will be able to carry the baby till after we move.... :-) then she can relax and not be stressed out about having the baby! Thanks. :-D


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