Saturday, March 7, 2009

Back to Saskatchewan!!!!!

Yep that's where Dad finally found a rental.... right back in the Melville area where we moved from just a year ago! God seems to be moving us around a great deal.... But if that's where He wants us then who is to complain?

We're planing on inviting lots of people once we get settled in a home of our own.... so if you want to be included in that 'list' of invites... you drop us a note at kirkholter "at" or Naomi ... naomi.holter "at" or even me the author of this astounding post.. :-D ehssgvbmusic "at"

Even if you don't want to come visit us we would be happy to hear from you... (and we'll try to persuade you to come up... ) "grins"

So you all take care and God bless you as you walk with HIM!

My sweet smiling face... Jan. 2009
The Bed frame that Dad made for his and Mom's bed.... It's very well done!

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