Saturday, September 4, 2010

From the heart and a blog post

The songs Over and Over & If This is What God Wants.... mean so much to me. Each of them reminds me that God is always there, always faithful and that I need to take Him at His leading and follow without question. Too many times I've heard God and accepted but on my terms only. I wish now of course that I had accepted and obeyed on God's terms and plans for my life but somethings I have to learn over again. :-) After fighting with God for the past 10 months I finally gave up and the peace that flooded my heart and head. Yes I cried some, me who never sheds tears. :-) God has patiently waited, never giving me rest till I gave up everything to Him. :-) Yet through all my closed ears and no attention paid to Him, God was always there, He never left me to stand on my own, He always gave me the help that I needed for each trial I faced but at the same time He refused to grant me the peace that I wanted. So I tried to compromise... I don't know if any of you have tried to make an unconscious deal with God... it doesn't work by the way, just so you know. :-P I waited till it seemed like nothing could be done I'd just have to wait and pass the opportunity on by till next year. But God has always had other plans... LOL! I gave up everything to God, told Him that I was going to quit fighting His will and go where He wanted me to go... So down on my knees I watched things happen. He flung doors open so wide they flew off their hinges, people started talking about me, God had everyone set up.... and the love that had poured out has filled my soul to over flowing. I still don't know how everything came or will come into place... I know that God has a plan and that I simply need to trust. I apologize to you all for doubting God. I don't know if it's come across to anyone through what I've said but please forgive me for leading you astray if I have done so. Thank you so much for praying for me. :-) I love you all.

2nd..... So 31st Dad and I went over to Covlins and helped process chickens... we ended up doing 200. Not bad for only a few people. :-) Got home showered and relaxed for a bit then went down to Brad and Carrol S. to talk about college. 1st went to Preeceville with Mom, Sara and Lydia. On the way we ran over a spike and flattened our right rear tire. (How it missed the front one I'm not sure) so we're trying to figure out how to change the tire (having never done anything off the sort before, not good position to be in) and along comes a Esso fuel truck. Thank God for friendly farmers. :-) He even couldn't figure out how to get everything in place or the spare tire down from under the van. It took him almost an hour to get the spare tire on. I'm so thankful God had him stop. Might never meet that guy again but I've been praying for him. :-)
In town I did a few things on the net while Mom and Lydia did some errands. Got home filled out the rest of my college application. Then I went through all my tubs (that I could find, I know I'm missing a couple that I need but I can't find them, I'll have to look again later) and started packing up what I need for college. I've got all but a few things packed and made a list of what I need so I can pick up the things when we go to Swan River on the 4th. :-) Went down to B. & C. S.'s place again , this time to send a fax of my application to the college and two other papers to some other people. Come Sunday early morning we leave for College. We have to be there in time for the 10:30 am college morning service. I actually am supposed to be there on the 4th but since I have an orthodontic visit they said as long as I got there for the morning service that would be fine. :-)
Only one Sunday with my home church. I miss them so much. But at the same time God wants me to move on so I have to accept that and miss them... I will have to make new friends. And Yes Jo, I will completely “CLAM” as you are so fond of saying. LOL! Thanks for sitting me down that last night for a talk. :-) You and Courtney are rocks in my world holding me down and hopefully sensible. Thanks so much for both of you being there. And for the rest of you being left out... what can I say... grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, close friends, acquaintances.... You all play a part in my life, maybe through music, maybe through being a relation but everyone of you through prayer and encouragement. So Thank You all so much. :-) I love you guys and wish that I could visit most of you. LOL! Some of you really should come visit me. :-) Well our family I guess, they'd love it if you'd drop by. You might want to give them a day's notice though, Mom would have my head if she knew that I told you to just drop by. :-) Take Care and God bless y'all.

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