Monday, August 30, 2010

Busy at home

So I hope you all haven't totally written us off. :-) We've been super busy. Made applesauce on the 25th.... 26th we went over to Covlins and processed chickens till 3:30 came home and helped with the last of the applesauce and then had movie night. 27th.... Mom and I picked all the beans (about 8 gallons) cleaned house and cleaned house and cleaned more house. Every time we turned around there was something more to do. :-) I went in with Mom to Endeavour around 3:45 and sent about 35 letters along with a few packages to the kids I was counsellor of during July. We got groceries and Mom got water while I was at the post office. :-) 27th I mixed up two batches of raised doughnuts before and during breakfast. I didn't get a chance to eat as Dad had Ellie and I go run and get our horses to take them down to the neighbours place to get bred. Since they'd supposed to be bred last year but the older stud wasn't any good we're getting a free breeding to a younger stud and hopefully they'll foal in 2011. :-) We also had borrowed a half Holstein cow (and her calf) for the milk and she was slacking off so we brought her back as well. We trailered them down, talked a few minutes then went a picked up a swing set from an older couple. Took the scenic route home... taking us through some very beautiful country. I love the country near the river. :-) Maybe because it's kind of like the mountains. :-) Got home around 10:30 and I had to started making doughnuts immediately. I had a glass of milk at 11:00... so I was super happy when Dinner rolled around. :-) I made doughnuts through dinner and stopped frying them around 2:30. coated lots of them with regular sugar and more with powdered sugar others I iced with chocolate icing I made some I left plain and some I tried to fill with jam... which didn't work out that well. :-) I think I made around 6 Dozen doughnuts. My feet were plenty tired when I was done. :-) I had time to practice banjo for 1/2 an hour for the first time since we got home. :-) Then we had to get ready for the corn fest. Which went fairly well. We made a few fumbles but the kids stole the show so they weren't to worried about us older ones doing the singing. Sara is such a clown. LOL! I love my siblings. :-) Sunday we had almost all our church family over for a welcome home party and also a B-day party for our pastor. :-) God decided to see how damp He could make our spirits by sending rain down so we had to move inside fairly quickly. :-) We played some volleyball in-spite of the rain and I reminded everyone again of how badly I play. LOL! At least I can have fun. :-) It was so great being back in church. Brad's sermon hit me in between the eyes I really needed it. :-) I'm so thankful for people who follow God and are willing to tell others of follow. :-) Lindsey S. took Naomi and I home for the night since we hadn't seen her new place. So that's where we are now. :-) Thank you so much for everything, we've felt your prayers. :-) I'll try to keep you up-dated about the happenings here. :-)


Anonymous said...

I guess I should keep up with you girls better! :) I've been missing some blog posts and haven't been commenting. Oops!

It sounds like you all have lots of goings on there and everyone is heading a new direction!

I'm terrible at volleyball. So I can identify.

Emily said...

Hey Hannah!
Just wanted to leave this blog link...hope you'll check it out!