Monday, October 13, 2008

heading towards Libby...

October 11th, 2008 – 20 miles

Last night near Marion was very chilly. Some folks told us it was 13* F. My sleeping bag only goes down to 15* F so it was no wonder I was cold! But none of us slept real well, and not only due to the cold. Around 2 am, Alpache got out of the pen and Dad and Mom got up to put him back in. I think the horses were cold too because they were moving around all night and making a lot of noise. :-)

The girls are talking about making our close quarters even closer tonight. Ellie and Martha spread their sleeping bags out and are sharing their blankets. Together, they have 5 blankets. Ellie said that last night, even though it was so chilly, was the the first night in a couple that she's actually been warm.

Yesterday we did 26 miles. :-) We found a spot up an old logging road that was nice... though very cold! I'm afraid that is the only thing that sticks in my mind about that particular camping spot. :-)

Today, we pulled into an abandoned campground in hopes of finding a suitable spot for setting up for the weekend. It was pretty overgrown so when the horses came up, they investigated the road on the other side of the highway. They found the prettiest place for camping yet. I wouldn't mind living in this area. We're about 30 miles from Libby and 75 miles to Bonners Ferry.

Only five days to home if we do 20 miles a day. :-) The closer we get to home, the more we talk about taking hot showers. Jesse says he's going to take one every day for two months straight. Martha says she's going to take two showers a day for a week. LOL!

We have a campfire tonight.

October 12th, 2008

Yesterday was an interesting day. First interesting incident: Martha's dress caught on fire. Dad saw it right away (PTL!) and stamped it out. But those flames ate away a 6 inch hole in her dress. Mom says she's sure it will become a new style! LOL! That's the second time Martha's caught on fire. The first time was several years ago. Jesse said that was the only time he's been able to throw dirt at his sister and get away with it. LOL!

The second interesting incident also involved Martha. Dad has been trying to desensitize his horse by kicking stuff in the ditch, like cans, that make noise. All was well until the other horses came up. Then, he kicked a white plastic thing that made a lot of noise and blew around right by the horses. Muckers and Kid spooked. Ellie rode it. Martha lost her seat. The scary thing was: when Martha hit the ground, Kid spooked even more and lashed out. He only missed her because she was flat out on the ground. Dad apologized and said it was a stupid thing to do and all was well.

I'm beginning to think we have nine lives. :-)

Hannah, Priscilla and I all took hot rocks to bed with us last night and I believe we're going to do it again tonight. It's great to finally be warm in bed. :-) :-)

We had the typical camp fire meal this afternoon: hot dogs and Dorritos. Mom and I made caramel corn for dessert and made plenty of it. :-) Fun.

Ellie says she is so glad we're stopped over for the weekend because they're all pretty raw. Someday... they all say... they'll do this again and get properly conditioned for these 20+ mile days.

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