Friday, October 10, 2008

The Panhandle Roughrider's horses run away!

They had saddled the horses after dinner and had let them loose, as usual. But this time, watching them wasn't enough. Alpache must have had a flashback of how nice it was in Saskatchewan because he suddenly took off towards home. Of course, the rest of the horses (except Muckers) were only too glad to follow him. The kids reacted but not fast enough. The horses were too far ahead to do anything but follow. Unsure what to do, the rest of us watched as the riders followed their mounts on foot.

Ellie still had her horse but she thought if she galloped behind the others, they would just run faster. We were just discussing the possibility of the horses stopping at the bridge when a vehicle, coming from the direction they had gone, slowed way down on the highway and the lady driving asked if Ellie wanted a ride down to the horses. Ellie jumped at the chance and off they went.

In the end, everything worked out beautifully and for the best... Thanks to the Lord and two ladies who love horses and don't mind helping out if they have a chance.

Thank you!

One of those ladies was an ambulance driver. They had just come from helping someone when she saw these horses running down the road.

“Hey. No riders! That doesn't look right!” :-)

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