Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kalispell... heading out!

October 8th, 2008

Last night, we made it to Rickel's place and enjoyed a wonderful, although hurried, visit with our friends. Thank you so much for your hospitality!! They offered to put us up in the house but we declined the offer because we try to be selfish about sharing our viruses. :-) We didn't want any of them, least of all, Mr. Rickel (who is recovering from a serious illness) to get what we have. So, some of us were put up in the barn and the rest of us split between a tent and the van.

After I got my blankets arranged, I was warm and slept like a baby because the night before we were up very late getting to Great Falls. I think that night it was closer to 2 am when I got to sleep (on the night of the 6th). Anyway, I was very ready to go to sleep. :-)

Jessica and Ransom fed us breakfast of pancakes (Yummy!) and we enjoyed the company and the breakfast. :-) Thank you.

Today is looking up and not only because of the hospitality of our dear friends but because everyone seems to be feeling better. Martha was not eating yesterday but today, she's smiling again and she's eating. Ruth is laughing and smiling... Jesse seems to be doing fine...

The only one who is not fine is Al. He's limping pretty badly. A guy came to look at him while we were in Raymond and he said that it will always be a problem. He'll have good days and bad. I hope we can sell him for what we paid for him at least... but I'm not real worried about it. If God wants us to get that price for him, He'll provide a buyer that needs/wants him.

So that's the only problem, for the time being. :-)

We're sitting right in front of Rocky Mountain Baptist church waiting for the horses to come up. Mom wanted to pull of the road sooner but she didn't find a place before now. They have their gates shut and locked but there is room enough for us to be parked here and I'm glad for that. :-) Mom is looking in her mirror watching them come up.

We hope to go to Costco to pick up some lunch and to get some groceries as we're low on supplies.

In Great Falls, we went to Smiths to get breakfast and they had an entire organic section of stuff. I couldn't believe my eyes. :-) It was like being in a candy store! LOL! I bought some organic pasta and I'm anxious to try it out. :-)

4:20 pm

We picked up pizza at Costco and a few other things, then went back and met the riders. It was at the perfect spot... we couldn't have done it any better. It's neat how God provides for details like that! As we started setting up for lunch, they told us that as they were passing a casino, a woman started her car... and that means, the really loud way. Kid jerked and leaped... unseating Martha and smashing into three other horses. One of those was Muckers and between the car noise and Kid slamming into her, she spooked and jumped from the side of the road into the middle of it. When she landed, all four of her feet slid... almost like Bambi on the ice... but Ellie managed to ride through it... and Martha's ok. I am so thankful!

They think that the gal starting the car was intoxicated from the way she drove out of the parking lot. :-P Kalispell drivers... watch out!

So, they aren't riding the horses very much... they're walking. When you think about it... that's a lot of walking. :-)

I'm not crazy about big city horse walking (:-)) but people have been very considerate, I must say. Twice today, when the riders were trying to cross the highway, someone has stopped and told them to go. That's nice to see... especially since life here is busy and folks are in a hurry.

We're trying to find a place to camp now. But it seems that no one is willing to put up a family of twelve and seven horses... even just in their yard. Even though it was windy, I kinda wish we were still in SK or eastern MT. It seems like there are so many gates on driveways. It gives one a cold feeling... like outsiders aren't welcome. Mom has stopped at three places so far but they all said... 'no'. But God will provide. He always has. And always will. :-)


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