Sunday, February 22, 2009

Moving out of the country!!!

That's what we're doing! Moving back to Canada... Manitoba. Dad, Ellie and Lydia are planning on leaving early tomorrow morning with the truck and horse trailer (filled with shop things) going up to Man. and finding a rental for us then unloading the trailer and coming back. Here at home the ones left behind will be packing.
Mom's due on March 9th though she thinks she'll go over like she has the past several pregnacies... and we are hoping that the baby will be born in Canada so it can have dual citizenship...
Naomi's slowly gaining back her strength... every day she seems to improve in some way... she still can't do any sort of work so the packing load will be on my 'young' shoulders along with my big helpers the younger siblings. :-D
Other than that we've all been doing well, getting along as well as can be expected not knowing when we're going to be moving or even exactly where yet! LOL! God certainly moves in mysterious ways doesn't he? "grins" At least in the Holter family He seems to like popping plans and ideas up when we least expect them. He's always there with us and that's all that matters!
Thank the Lord we have Him to trust on!
This song's really good! Listen to it and know what we trust in! :-)


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