Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ahh the joys of life... :-D

You know no matter how many times it happens and I say the it never will again God always seems to have different plans... I had cut out a dress for myself of a new pattern (the one that we girls were going to use if we were intending to sing) and made it up over the past week inbetween packing and running around... well what to you know it doesn't fit! So of course Naomi receives a new dress... I don't know how many times I've made up a new pattern and it doen't fit me worth a hoot... but Naomi looks like an angel in it! LOL! (I just read that off to Naomi and she laughed at me! ) Oh well I'm just glad to have a smaller sister that can fit what I can't... :-D
Now she wants me to take pictures of her in it.... So I'll have to run till later.
We have to feed the horses today... and I'm gonna call a friend of mine today.... besides all the packing we'll be doing... "grins" I intend to stay as busy as possible... Oh goody Naomi's going to use my camera to take self portraits so now I don't have to... LOL! :-D I just love sisters!


Ashley C said...

Hannah, that was so funny about Naomi's new dress! Maybe she should make your's now... =) Do post a picture, I'd love to see it.
Do you measure before you cut? Marmee and I have to adjust all my patterns because I am two sizes.

Anonymous said...

Hey! bad the dress didn't fit. But I'm pretty sure Naomi was pretty happy!

God Bless!

Naomi Wright

The Panhandle Roughriders said...

Yes Naomi was pretty happy about the dress... she says she can't wait to wear it out!
Yes we do measure before we cut... the patterns measurements said that it should have fit me no problem... perhaps with room to spare but... Oh well. I'm not too put out, and Naomi's happy so...:-D