Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Update from Hannah

April 26, 2009
Hello to one and all who read this blog... :-) we've all been doing well and getting along like family. Which I'm sure that those who know us will testify as we always talk to each other so endearingly... LOL! Today being Sunday and nothing to do at the house in Waldon the whole family headed out for Yorkton and area.... Mom to do some necessary shopping with Naomi, Ruth and Sara while the rest of us were dropped off at Eugene P. place to work with the horses.... Dad trimmed Kid (Martha's horse) and Alpache (Lydia's horse) and the rest of us played/worked with our horses. Dad's hands are kind of weak from not doing much the past year so he's kind of cryin' the blues that he can't grip the clippers and knife very well.... Maybe next week he can do two more horses and slowly we'll get them all done. Lydia and I have our horses for sale in the Bargain hunter here.... Alpache and $2000 and Millie for $1700.... we'd like to get them sold sometime this spring. Only as the Lord wills though. :-)
Monday the 27th .... wrote a letter today, made bread, and took a walk.... decent day in all though I didn't practice music today.... Oh well maybe tomorrow. :-) Ellie's birthday is on May 3rd.... she'll be 19. Jesse's birthday is May 26th he'll be 16 and Naomi's is on May 31st she'll be 23.... guess we're all getting older.... :-) not decrepit... just older. “grins” Guess it's hard to be old when you've just had a baby even though your eldest is 23.... guess Dad and Mom had better be getting on the ball marrying us off so as not to have to many kids in the house at one time. We tease that Ruth and Sara are going to be married before the rest of us kids.... mostly because all the young men and women we know all are around Priscilla's age. :-) Just pray and keep smiling around here... ;-)
I'm on Lunch this week and on bread.... so I'll be pretty busy every couple days having to make both in the morning.... today I had a roast for lunch so I wasn't to rushed making bread.... I have to admit to loving cooking.... not all day though as that gets rather tiresome but for every meal I don't mind that. Well I take that back.... the only thing I could make all day and enjoy doing so, is Donuts.... but in our house there's a ban on donut making so I just dream about it... LOL!
Weather's been rather sluggish here.... been cloudy and kind of chilly the past several days.... today it was sunny for a bit in the afternoon but it had clouded over by the time Lydia and I went walking... we're trying to walk about 6 miles a day some days less some days like today we walked about 7 miles... not much to do in the afternoons here so it's nice to take a 'relaxing' walk for a few hours to take up the time. :-) Heard the ruffed grouse doing his mating thumping.... it's really neat to hear them and to see and hear the geese as they court.... spring is definitely here.... the red wing black birds that nest in the sloughs are back as well... meadow larks are singing as you walk past the killdeer are back and one of the most colorful birds has already passed though the area.... I don't have a clue what they're named but they're very 'bright' blue and have a sweet call.... they pass through this area early spring just when the first geese are showing up... they only stay for a week or so then head farther north for the summer nesting grounds, but it is nice to see them in the spring. The barn swallows aren't here yet but yesterday I saw a black cap chickadee.... I love the yellow finch and the orioles that we sometimes get up here... when we lived near Melville a pair of orioles once nested in our yard and we always had barn swallows in the barn. Life on the farm... :-)
No place has really caught our fancy that we could afford yet. Dad did offer on a place twice actually but it was refused.... Dad's thinking of looking up near Saskatoon sometime this week but he's not certain yet.... the people we got the dutch belted milk cows from when we used to live up here said that there's a couple good areas that we might try looking into.... but so far we're just praying for wisdom and guidance from God.
We're enjoying our Cd's and DVD's from Gaither's and EHSS.... good music for the most part and also a wonderful spirit that they all seem to posses not only up on stage but also in daily life. Aren't you glad that God has forgiven you're sins? And that you'll go to heaven when you die? Hey check up the verses in Psalms 30: 8-12.... those scriptures have really spoken to me lately. :-) God is so good how can we help but shout it from the house tops... live our lives like He's coming back any time (which he is) and tell every one what great things God has done for you! :-) It's a great God we serve and love... What amazing Love that sent Jesus to calvary to die for my sins.... how He suffered just so I could be forgiven in the sight of God the Father! Thank you so much Jesus! Just to know that when you cry Jesus cries with you and when you lose some one Jesus is right there bearing the pain with you... We have to trust it to Jesus Christ to take us through, He never will leave us alone, we'll always have a friend in Jesus... when we know that we're in the right way and every one seems to be against us we must keep on.... Never Give Up, Never Give In.... love that song... “No matter what test you have to face, you can over come it if you keep up faith” “The same very same God of the Bible days still answers prayers like He did back then... so never give up, never give in” If you're wondering, that's off of Ernie Haase and Signature Sound, CD, Dream on. Great voices and I love so many songs on there.... just to name a few.... Dream On, Reason Enough, A Good Heart, Sundays are Made for Times like These, We need each other, Between the Cross and Heaven.... Okay, Okay guess I like 'em all. :-)
I should close this up... Lydia's going into town with Dad and Mom so she can post this on the blog.... Ya'll have a great day and God bless you as you serve Him!

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