Friday, May 8, 2009

Hey ya'll

Hey ya'll! How's it going? We've all been doing pretty good here in Waldron. Today being Ellie's birthday (May 3rd) she's 19 now... makes me feel old. LOL! She got a set of rubber-maid containers, a magnet and a headstall with reins.
Eugene came over for church and lunch then we had him take some family pictures of us... so we'll be going through those and looking to see if we can send off any to family and friends.
Then all but Mom, Sara, Naomi, Ruth and I went up to Eugene's place to work with the horses.... the reason I didn't go?.... I have somehow managed to get blisters on my right foot... strange thing is I've been walking for the past 2 weeks from 4-8 miles a day and not had a problem with my feet other than my right heel some times causes me pain.... but somehow I've got blisters on my toes (this is a great subject LOL! Not!) so I decided (after I took a pin to the blisters and drained the liquid) that I'd put my homemade salve on them and stayed out of my boots for the day... hopefully by tomorrow I can walk without to much pain and I can keep up walking. I did wish I could go riding but... I really didn't want to wear my boots (which is the only pair of shoes I have out....) well anyhow... I stayed home. :-)
Helped Ruth mix up cookies.... put Sara to sleep (walking back and forth in the living room) several times, and in between doing those things, I was able to watch Hymns VHS by Gaithers and Dream On by EHSS.... both of which I enjoy greatly.... well one part on Dream On I don't care for... Chonda Peirce.... her sense of humor was a little on the gray side rather than white. :-/ But other than that I really like the DVD... even Jessy Dixon.... love his Operator... LOL! And the Youth and Young Adult Choir is SO in sync with their director... wow is all I can say! They're really really good! Oh yeah the main attraction of the DVD is Ernie, Ryan, Doug and Timmy! But you know.... :-) They're so good some times I look at them and say how on earth could I ever reach that quality singing? Boy oh boy, I guess tons and tons of practice.... which is something that I haven't been doing lately. I admit to be slacking in that area... Yeah I know I need to get on the ball and practice by myself or with my sister(s). Did you know that “Tomorrow is the greatest labor saving device of today”. LOL! In other words... I need an excuse to be lazy about practicing..... my excuse? Today's Sunday so it's supposed to be a day of rest. “smirk” Yeah right! (Martha snorts at me... LOL!)
Hey did you all know that Eagle Song by Russ and Tori Taff is a really neat song? I'll try to post it sometime on here so you can hear it for yourself.
Today's sermon was by Mike Pearl on the second half of Romans chapter one.... very good. You know if you're going to get any preaching mp3's or Cd's from Pearls Romans and Sanctification are really good. I would suggest them to anyone. I'm so glad that when I asked God to save me He took all my sin away and I don't have to 'die' to self. Jesus did it all on calvary! I don't have to work my way to heaven.... God doesn't see the awful mistakes and stumbles that I make in the way... God sees Jesus and He's satisfied. Thank you Jesus for saving me! “You're looking at a child forgiven, You're looking at a soul set free, You're looking at a pardoned prisoner, Who's walking now in liberty. I'm standing here because of wondrous grace, My sins are in the deepest sea, He washed me clean somehow, So what you're seeing now, Is a happy, happy child set free!” Child Forgiven by Suzanne Gaither Jennings and William (Bill) Gaither..... I love that song... it really speaks about God and His love! :-)
This didn't get posted the day after I wrote it so here's another little bit... Alpache's been spoken for by some people who bought a horse from us before we moved down to the states. Any how their 13/14 year old girl really fell in live with the horse so Lyds should be getting a check sometime this week. Had someone look at Red but the person didn't have the experience to work with a younger horse.... someone called about Millie (my horse) but they haven't pursued her any more. Guess I'll keep praying for God to bring along the right buyer. Having only bought Millie (as a yearling in 2006) to resell I haven't let myself get to attached to her. :-) Not that I've ever been attached to an animal... “shrug” well I did cry after losing those puppies.... I worked over them for 5 days, getting up at night and trying to make them eat, in the end all 7 of them died I felt pretty bad seeing them waste away and nothing I could do about it. Oh well I didn't start typing this to tell you about pain. :-) Walked with Lydia after they (part of the family who went up to sell Alpache) I guess My foot isn't ready to walked on very fast... “sigh” So today after Lyds finishes her school we'll probably go walking but slowly so I can place my foot in a way that keeps my weight off the blisters. :-) Enough on this heel (or is that toe) of a problem. :-) LOL!
Hey here's a prayer request... a friend of mine from NC ( her Mom is expecting again... and Mrs. Wright has Diabetes.... could you pray for a safe pregnancy and delivery for her? Speaking of babies... Sara's doing great. :-) Today Mom was busy with the kids school work and Sara was crying in her bed.... any how I was just going to go change the laundry and Mom was going to change Sara's diaper, that little girl has got the biggest grin for a baby. LOL! Ummmm you get this, My kid better than your kid? LOL! Maybe that'd be my sister but any how. I love having a baby in the house again. :-)
Ya'll have a great day and God bless you!

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