Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Town, Candy recipe

Dec. 15th.... it's up to -15 f here... Yeah! :-) Only 10 days till Martha's birthday. She'll be 13, my little sister is growing up. :-) I believe I and Lydia bought her a present together but I might pick up something else depending on if I can find anything. :-)
Tomorrow Lord willing we'll be hauling Eugene's two Standardbreds back to his place and after noon we're meeting Murray who has 3 Dexters and 1 Tarantaise that we're buying.... well Dad's getting the 3 and Lydia's buying the 1. So we'll be in Yorkton for a bit, I'm hoping to go to the library with Naomi and I also need to go to Wal-mart and Superstore. If I want something special for my birthday dinner I have to pick it up. :-) And I also am down to one pair of leggings and those are rather thin.... :-) Not the nicest for winter weather. :-) I want to look at Wal-mart, see if I can avoid ordering from Sears.
Have y'all ever heard of Almond bark? Not the actual skin on the tree... :-) But white dipping chocolates melted and mixed with slivered almonds and craisins... (dried, sweetened cranberries) it's really good. As is Soda Candy. :-)
Soda Candy
You should get two 9x13 pans from this recipe, but it's kind of thin on the caramel.
Layer cookie sheet with foil and grease well with salad oil (or butter or any other oil)
Put one layer of salted soda crackers on foil to cover cookie sheet.
Boil 1 c. margarine (we prefer butter, tastes lots better)
And 1 c. brown sugar for 2 minutes
Spoon onto crackers and spread.
Bake at 350 f for 5 min.
Remove from oven.
Top with one 12 oz pkg (about 1 ¼ cups) chocolate chips
When melted, smooth out chips and top with nuts (if you wish that is we like it either way)
Tastes like toffee and your family will love it! :-)
Have fun.... :-)

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