Friday, December 4, 2009


Dec. 1st.... it's hard to believe that this year has moved to the last month. It was a pretty full year for us with moving, settling into a new place, and then leaving within a couple weeks to go down to Grandpa and Grandma Holters' 50th wedding anniversary, going to a new church, being allowed to help with Y2J and this past month being able to go to Youth. The girls getting in more horses that they're putting miles on, helping Covlins process hundreds of birds (it sounds weird to say that :-), us four eldest being able to go to music camp, I was able to work out a make-shift smoke 'oven'.... and those things hardly scratch the top of what new and exciting things we've done this year. :-) God has moved so much, he'd opened so many new doors (and windows). :-) I have everything to be thankful for.... God is an awesome God, he's moved mountains (figuratively speaking) in some areas. I'm so glad that He is my God and I can walk by his side.... when I'm tired and worn out he carries me through. :-) Thank God for every day and blessing that he sends. :-)
Music practice in well under way for the 9th, I found the chords for a couple songs on the net so that helps Lydia and I so we don't have to guess what chords go where. :-) Willie and June J. from church came over last Sunday, we had spaghetti with garlic buttered French bread, then pineapple upside-down cake with cream over the top for dessert. Afterwards we jammed for 45 min. to an hour playing and singing different songs.
Yesterday I put another chicken in the smoke oven it should be done in a few days. I'd love to be able to slice this one up so we can have it with crackers and cheese. :-) Martha and I peeled two logs for the bunk-house, not hard but slightly a pain since there were some knots. :-)
See y'all.

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