Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Still being sick

Friday Jan. 22nd Being sick is getting old again. :-) For some reason we aren't dropping this, one person gets somewhat well and others get sicker, then the person who was OK goes down again and on we go. :-/ Naomi's not doing very well, her eyes got very blood shot and with her coughing she strained her eyes and her right eye burst a blood vessel behind the eye lid so it's looks pretty bad. She doesn't want to go to the doctor, and I'm not sure that they can do anything more than we're doing right now. She's taking lots of vitamins and different lung things hoping that she doesn't go into pneumonia again. It's been said that pneumonia doesn't ever go away... I really wish there was a way I could help her get better but right now all I can do is pray and hope God will start healing her. ;-) The rest of us are in various stages of being sick or getting better. Cilla isn't coughing quite as much which is nice though sometimes she just stands there and coughs without trying to stop herself. She's only 8 so that can be expected I guess. :-) I believe one of the main reasons we get sick is the fact that our family is almost always stressed about something. Something doesn't go right and it gets blown to kingdom come and with it anyone who stands in the way. :-[ I don't know how much we can help it, but someday I'd really love to be able to see how if other families react the way we kids have been raised to react. :-) Highly unlikely that I'll ever get a chance to see another family up-close though. :-) Most people are very good actors for a long long time even after you could call them friends.... things hidden come to light years into your friendship that you had no idea about. :-) But enough on us....
Youth is supposed to be in Hyas tonight. Brad, Carrol and Jay are going out of town so someone else is picking us up. We've been instructed to bring our skates.... I love skating in-spite of my tendency to take spills while on them. :-) I think my knees love the ice a lot more than my skates do. :-) It could be the fact that I didn't start skating till I was 16 and wasn't able to go skating very often then since winter comes early in SK, and we had to clear the slough to go skating in Melville. In Bonners Ferry we never went skating so being out of practice is probably my main problem. :-)
TTYL.... :-)
P.S. Youth went well, there were a couple new kids who came. We skated then some went sledding down a short hill near the house, afterwards we went to the church for a lunch and the bible lesson. :-) We got home around 12:30 am.... :-) Naomi is feeling much better... she's not coughing as much and her eyes have cleared up a lot .


Emily said...

Feel better soon!

bekah said...

Enjoy your posts, Hannah, because they are so descriptive. :):) Between you 3 gals, I can keep up with all that's going on in your life!! :)lol