Friday, February 5, 2010

Everyday things

Feb. 1st Hey,
Youth was game night... couple games were going on. I landed with the Risk players as a partner to Lindsay Y. we were neatly quashed off the board after 7 or 8 rounds. :-) I'd like to play again this time on my own to see how it's like. Rod T. did the devotional, talking about how we need to use what ever we've been given or what we do (singing, sports, speaking, horses...ect.) to glorify God not ourselves.
Saturday morning Dad, Mom, Sara and Zeke left early for Swan River Dentistry to have Mom's root canal permanently filled and Zeke has a tooth that's been bothering him. He'll be going in again tomorrow (2nd) to get it filled and then later to get another cavity filled.
Peter and Gabrielle came over in the morning while Dad and Mom were still gone, they stayed till they came back, ate some lunch and we told them of the potluck benefit supper for Brett and Christine S. who's shop burned down so they came to that as well.
5:00 pm we left for the Okla community hall with some food in tow for the supper, we were among the first to arrive since we hadn't been sure how long it would take us to get there. We talked/listened some of us kids went out and played frisbee and some tag in the freezzzzzzzing cold (I was really wishing I had brought a ear warmer along, my ears were complaining) then came in and did more talking/listening till we headed home around 8:30 or so.
Sunday we were two or three minutes late to Sunday school so Brad teased us a couple times since we usually get to church before they do. :-) Sunday school was on praying for unsaved or struggling friends. And how God sent his Holy Spirit to dwell in us and give us the power to overcome the trials, and the power to pray for others and face friends who want to lead us wrong or discourage us in our walk with God. The sermon was the first in a series on the Holy Spirit, Brad barely scratched the top (it was really good) so I'm looking forward to hearing more in depth in the next several weeks. :-)
See ya.

5th..... Naomi and I went to a LTO (Ladies Time Out) meeting this morning. The date is set for April 30th... it's a 1950's theme. Not sure who's going to be doing the speaking, but Brad and Carrol's eldest daughter (who's been married almost two years) will be doing the singing. The special feature will be a sing-along and fashion show combination. Sounds neat all coming together. :-)
Zeke had his first filling done on the 2nd... Dad allowed Zeke, Cilla and Uriah to go to Y2J this week since it was only skating and lunch. I'll keep praying that he'll allow them to attend Y2J all the time. Well... when they aren't sick. :-)
We're participating in the talent show for the Musher's Rendezvous this evening. It should be interesting. We didn't realize it was a talent show till about a week ago, we had been asked to do two songs but there might be places you can 'vote' for your favorite contestant. :-) A new experience.
We have around 2 ½ feet of snow here... some times it's deeper in drifts and so on. We got another few inches the past couple days and it's been spitting snow all day today, so tonight we'll probably get some more. There's only been one week of -40 this year so far, we've landed in the -30s and so one but the past few days it's been ranging around 0 f. We don't have to light the wood stove in the living room very often, unless we want to do some more cooking. :-)
I have a prayer request for a neighbor and part of our church family. She's had breast cancer before and several ladies in her family have died from it, the doctors have found that it's back and things aren't looking very promising for curing her of it this time. Please pray for her and her husband, for strength and for grace and courage. Tom and Joann B. Thanks so much. Oh and please pray that we around the can be a blessing and an encouragement to them. Help us to be strong for them. Thank you.



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