Saturday, June 26, 2010

Music, rain and more

17th Joretta K. picked us girls up this morning a little past 9:00 to go play at the old folks home in Carlyle. It went well in-spite of the fact that we hadn't practiced the whole program in one shot before. :-) We did some town things and then she took us for dinner at A&W. We got home around 1:00 changed and went for orders from F. Banga, Naomi cleaned up a few odds and ends, vacuuming and removing leaves from the chapel, Lydia helped F. Banga building something and I put together several 'legs' for the couches, F. Banga had all the wood cut out so all I have to do was screw the plywood to the 2x6s. It poured really hard for a good 45 min. while we were working. F. Banga after we were done told us to stop for the day... stop for the day? LOL! We haven't even gotten started. But none of us complained that he wasn't working us hard. :-) We go out again tonight for a supper at the Knights of Columbus... should be interesting. :-)
Later... ate, played music and got back. :-) It's raining again... supposed to rain 2 inches tonight. Like really really muddy out tomorrow if that happens. :-) Since we have mostly outside things to do F. Banga said that we'll have to see what it's like tomorrow before he gives out the day's schedule. We might take the morning off. :-) I need to go shower. :-)
18th was totally lazy. :-) It rained off and on till late afternoon rolled around, and F. Banga gave us the day off. Some school kids had come for Thursday night to mid Friday and they left the bunk houses a real mess so I cleaned up those a bit before supper in-spite of the 'no work' day. :-) Adelaide and her husband Wayne (cousins of F. Banga's) are here for a couple days. They're lots of fun. :-) We watched the news about all the flooding in SK and parts of AB... rather rough going in a lot of places. Here it all runs off to the lake, so we aren't in super bad trouble, the pumps run pretty well almost constantly when it's raining though.
19th.... we worked hard. :-) Making up for taking the 18th off I guess. LOL! Naomi painted the 'boxes' for under the couches since we take all the legs off and F. Banga puts these boxes under them. The ones I screwed together afternoon of the 17th. :-) I can't remember what Lydia was doing but I swept some. parts and painted more of the floor dark gray. A place near the door for the three stoves for camp cooking, and also a square for the deep freeze. Then Lydia and I cleaned up the tables and chairs that were left. I was pounding the lid on the can of gray paint and ended up taking a patch of skin off my little finger of my right hand which promptly began bleeding,and Lydia was looking for the first aid kit in the mess hall and totally forgetting she took two steps onto the fresh paint. LOL! So there'll be a few repairs once it dries totally. :-) While I dressed my finger and swept the floor Lydia washed down some chairs. Some people showed up with an easy chair and couch and another person brought an office chair and it's foot rest so we unloaded those. Stopped for a break, Naomi went back to painting (there were 20 boxes she had to do) while Lydia and I began mopping/scrubbing the mess hall floor. We scrubbed it twice over with hot water and soap, changing the water 6-8 times a round. Then while it dried some after the second wash we cleaned up the storage room in music room #2 came back and did two rinsing go overs. Changing our water frequently. Once done with that Naomi had started cleaning the bathrooms. I ran up and checked the bathrooms at the MTC, they didn't need cleaning thankfully. And then did the floors in the bathrooms. That took a few mop buckets as well. And then we went in and worked on making supper..... very cheesy pasta. :-) It was extremely good. If I may say so myself. :-) We then moved a couch and chair out of the Kome 'n' See over to piano room #2 in exchange for a nicer set. And then Wayne and Adelaide took me into Kenosee to do our laundry. Read while it dried. :-)
20th Sunday... went to F. Banga's church. Helped lead the singing. All but two of the songs we had never heard off but we were able to practice before service so that was nice. :-) F. Banga left us at Michele and Will's place while he went to some other place for dinner, so we ate there, then while Will worked on Naomi's computer Michele called Emily K. (Who's around 14) over and we all jammed for 45 min. or so. Then we talked, looked over movies and books. F. Banga came and picked us up (can't remember the time) and we also picked up S. Lucille, on our way to Arcola for supper at Al and Lorreta H.'s place. We played some music, talked and relaxed. Ate, talked and headed for home.
21st.... painted the mess hall floor in the morning. Finishing up the last bit just before we left for Moosemin for our dental appointments. We had a few different things done than what's been done in Swan River. And they want to see us again in a month so we'll have to work that out somehow. Put the pump in the lake that evening. The mosquitoes are out with a vengeance thanks to all the rain we've had.
22nd Naomi and I painted the mess hall floor again, Lydia cleaned the eaves on the Kome 'n' See and then worked more on the mural. Afternoon I helped F. Banga screw the boxes (that I made and Naomi painted) unto the couches instead of the regular legs. That took most of the afternoon and into the evening as well. We ate at the Kome 'n' See since we weren't sure if the floor would have dried by that time. It rained that night.
23rd.... took trash to the blue bin. Helped move another couch this one from the nurses' station to Piano room #2. Naomi worked on painting the finishing black on the mural. Lydia and I loaded the hide -a- bed mattresses into John's truck. Then Lydia mopped the bunk houses and I mowed parts of the lawn. Fixed two benches... put up the curtains for the dressing stalls in the pool building. Early afternoon Lydia and I moved the chairs and tables, (with F. Banga overseeing and also helping some) setting some up for the staff and the first week of kids, then I swept the corner and painted it, also painted the other screen door. It's a little on the thin side (the paint on the screen door) but we have no more dark gray so it's as done as it can be. Oh Lydia and I also helped F. Banga clean up some things in the MTC. I also moved all the pop from F. Banga's shack to the mess hall. And that's all for now. I need to hit the hay. :-) Thanks for listening.
24th just odds and ends today. Cleaned the filters for the pool. Not a real fun job... dead frogs, mice and shrews beside all the beetles and live frogs, it made for interesting working. :-) So many little things I don't remember them all. LOL! We had part of the afternoon off since F. Banga couldn't think of things for us to do while his mind was occupied with helping the man who was working on the pool heater. We moved some benches from the outdoor chapel to the porch of the mess hall and some more to the area around the pool. We had three ladies come for supper. They're all from Wawota... All of them worked in the kitchen here as cooks in the past years. The one lady is making curtains for the mess hall to match with the color theme, the grays and so on. :-)
25th I woke up at 2:00 am to a mosquito buzzing my head and for an hour and a half I tried to find it turning my lamp off and on, seeing it then not seeing it. Finally smashed it when it landed on my face in the dark. I wasn't too happy. :-/ So today I'm a little on the tired side. I absolutely despise having a mosquito in my room at night. (I guess at any time, night or day.) It was a hot day at Kenosee. And lots of mosquitoes as well. We try to avoid the regular repellents and in turn end up getting bit pretty well. We're hoping to get some natural bug off spray tomorrow when Peter and Gabrielle pick us up for an over night stay at their place in Regina. We'll be going to church with them, so that will be good as well. Then they'll bring us back Sunday night. Once again just odds and ends... the little things as F. Banga says. Moved the extra chairs and tables back to the corner. In the morning I put together a stand for the water spout just outside the mess hall... it's like a drink spout and had rotted away the old stand which Lydia had taken apart a couple weeks back. Any how I ended up holding the hammer wrong (typical me, I have never been able to hold it properly) so I have a decent size blister on the out edge of my right hand. Serves me right for not being able to hold the hammer right. :-) I vacuumed part of Piano room #2, and we removed the last hide-a-bed since another nicer couch is coming in a few days. Lydia rolled the cover back from the pool. Naomi vacuumed the MTC again. I had a lesson on how to run a skill saw. (I could probably cut something now... but I'd much rather have F. Banga do all the cutting. :-) I also was handed a weed eater machine and told to go run it. Never handled one, but this one was very light and easy so I cut the weeds the lawn mower couldn't get. Right now it's almost three o'clock and one of the ladies from the supper last night (actually the lady who making the curtains) is going to pick us up in a bit and take us to Wawota to their church thrift shop and also for supper with the other two ladies as well. :-) So I will close for now... I might be able to send this tomorrow but that's all iffy right now. :-)
Okay I'm back.... We got a lot of stuff at the thrift store. Several boxes and bags. :-) Lots of books and several movies as well... besides all the clothes and other non-wear able or readable or watchable things... well I guess you could watch those other things. :-) Supper was great, we sat and talked for a few min. after we were done and then we had to come back to camp... At 7:30 we left camp for Club 19... the Kenosee golf club house/restaurant to participate in a jam. That was lots of fun. We played for almost 2 hours. :-) I love playing in a jam... when I know most of the chords of course. :-) And now we're back here... taking our turns at the shower. :-) See you later.

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