Monday, August 16, 2010

back in Kennosee

15th We're sitting outside the Inn of the Seven Sisters in Forget while Shamma and Michele are visiting with some people. :-) We went back to the festival for part of the day. Left around 3:30 stopped by Long and McQuade (music store for those not in Canada) and a bank then we went for supper at Jim M. met his wife and one of his daughters. They were very sweet... and Jim had toned down some from his camp profile. :-) Still a crazy Irish man but sweeter around his family. :-) Had a good visit got back to Frans' place at 9:30.... Gillian took Naomi and Lydia over to Nathan's house for a video and I took a little time on the net then crashed into bed around 10:30. They didn't get home till 1:00 but I was zonked so they didn't disturb me at all. :-) Michele went back to the festival right after supper at Jim's so Gillian drove us home. Come morning Michele picked up Shamma and then stopped by Frans' place to pick us up and we left for Kenosee. Stopped in Davidson for fuel, and then in Regina at Costco to do some shopping. And here we sit listening to music, Naomi's reading a book, Lydia's on her Ipod and I'm finishing up typing. :-) Have a great week... I might get a chance to send this out before we go home.
16th we're all moved to Cabin/bunkhouse #2 and somewhat settled in for another week of camp. We'll have two cabin mates. Both of which we need to buddy up to. :-) They're in their teens but need a little over looking as well. :-) I need to practice for an hour at least today, hopefully more. I really don't feel quite yet ready for another week of camp/learning more banjo. My brain has enough for a week at least. LOL! But Hey, I ain't complainin'. :-) I have to work out the chords for that Texas Turnaround that was that Ben K. gave me the chords for at the festival. With my new chord chart I should be able to figure it out a little better. :-) I'm going to try for a few minutes of sit down time with Daniel K. to help me with some technique on the banjo, scales, more chords and so on. :-) I gotta run now. Take care. :-)

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