Tuesday, August 24, 2010

moving around

24th Well what can I say. We're home for a time. Lydia is should be leaving within two weeks to go train two race horses for John Arcand up in Saskatoon. Naomi will be leaving to live with Will and Michele for the winter at least, teaching piano and helping Michele with different things. :-) As for me.... I hoping to move to Regina for a time, and am planning to go to Bible college in Jan. up in Nipawin. I can only ask that you please pray for us as we set out on our new ventures. We each feel the need to leave home, and God has dropped something into each or of our laps and we hope to take those things and run with them for His glory. :-) Thank you so very much for praying for us. Your support is so wonderful. :-) Thanks again for standing by us.
We have applesauce to make, chickens to butcher and a multitude of other things to work out. LOL! Busy busy.

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Anonymous said...

All you girls are heading different directions! Wow!
I'm sure Lydia will enjoy her time with training the horses. What all will Naomi be doing?
Bible college sounds exciting! Praying for you all.