Monday, September 7, 2009

Everyday stuff

Rode a short ways afternoon of the 3rd with Ellie, Lydia and Martha. I found that Millie likes jumping a lot over the many logs on the trails, but I don't have the least clue how to ride the jumps. LOL! Oh well it gives those behind me a chance to laugh. :-)
Morning of the 4th we picked Nanking cherries and raspberries at Stehr's and then went over to Youngs and picked raspberries, beans and a few peas. Came home for a later lunch, roast beef sandwiches, and salad. After lunch we worked on getting everything we had picked cleaned and processed. I made two batches of jam, freezer and the canned type, which was all we had pectin for. Mom and Naomi went to town to get some more things for canning and several of the kids went riding, I stayed in the kitchen and watched the canning and kept an eye on the cherry juice that needed to be drained every so often. Read a good Louis L'Amour book while doing so. :-) Nothing like good old westerns to take your mind off the heat and noise of the kitchen. Thankfully I wasn't so oblivious as to ignore what I was supposed to be keeping an eye on. :-) After Mom and Naomi came home we ate supper, then Dad and Mom went walking, Ellie took over the canning of the beans and I practiced banjo with Sara looking on. :-) Sara seems to prefer guitar music to banjo but she was polite to me and only fussed for some of the time. LOL! :-)
Our well is being troublesome again, but Dad thinks it's more related to the pump than the well. He and the boys are going to pull the pump today sometime and see if he can find anything wrong. Hopefully it will be something that Dad can fix, being as he was the main pump man when he worked for the well drilling company in MT. :-)
We girls and Mom need to can a few peaches, and put away all the canned things from yesterday and all the sauerkraut from a few days back. It had to sit out on the counter for 3-4 days before we could put it down in the 'cold' room which isn't real cold right now, but it will chill nicely come winter. :-) After lunch I think several of us want to ride for a few hours, maybe we'll stick to the roads and I can pony Shiloh from Millie. I can't do that very well on the back trails we've taken the past week or so that we've been riding. :-) I have a hard enough time working with one horse dodging branches and trying to make it over fallen logs, I wouldn't make it very well with two horses. :-)
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