Tuesday, September 29, 2009


27th we've made close to 400 quarts of applesauce (it's around 390 or so). We cooked the last apples yesterday morning and early afternoon. (28th went and got more apples not many but we'll get a few quarts from it.) My hands are a little sore from holding a knife for almost all day and pulling out the stems for the past two days. :-) But they'll be fine soon. We had some nice apples and they cooked down really well but one tree that we picked several tubs of was a small, hard and sour apple. They didn't make super good applesauce but we'll be glad to eat it this winter. :-)
Ellie bought some dexter cows... one of which gave several of the family members a merry chase this morning, she left a calf behind so she's a little on the ditzy side right now. Hopefully she'll settle down soon. :-) Lydia wants to get a tarantaise from the same guy so that cow might be coming up here soon as well.
Went and got 40 or so chickens yesterday evening... Dad thought we would be catching them and had 4 of us kids along but the people we were getting them from had them already crated up so we just had to bring them home. It's going to be nice to have chickens around again. We always seem to run out of eggs. :-) Guess that comes from having a large family to feed.
See y'all.


Benjamin said...

what in the world are you guys doing with Dexters???
I recall you guys commenting on how tiny the bull you had from my Dexter and how it hardly seemed worthwhile to have such small cows that you'd never do it again. :)
The first day I got mine, I had all the dexters get away and since Dexters don't herd, I simply lured them back and locked up the worst cow. She jumped out of the 4 foot corral (I didn't think a short cow could jump that high) and tried to go back to Manitoba, leaving her calf behind. Thankfully I was able to herd her by herself and then only had to deal with a rascally bull getting out the next two days.

Emily said...

Wow! That's a lot of applesauce! =)

The Panhandle Roughriders said...

Hey Heather,
You know Dad, nothing is ever solid. He says one thing one day and the opposite the next day. :-) Typical guy if I'm thinking right. LOL!