Sunday, September 13, 2009

Just the regular....

Sept. 9th , thinned and weeded two rows of carrots morning of the 7th but it started raining so I chickened out and headed for the house. Late afternoon we went and looked at a milk cow on the way home we stopped by the Covlins and did some net time. Dad and some of the kids went and picked up the cow around 7:00 pm. I stayed home and helped Mom do some scanning also did some other things. 8th dawned gray skies and a bit nippy. Mid morning it cleared off and I picked two ice cream pails of yellow beans from our garden, a few cucumbers and some tomatoes. That afternoon Dad, Mom, Sara, Naomi, Ruth, Lydia and I went to Preeceville. Us older girls did net at the library, then Lydia and I went over to the drug store to get Mom and birthday present as it was her birthday. :-) It rained a bit while we were in town but no more than a sprinkle. Once we got home we ate supper that Ellie had prepared.... enchiladas. :-) Those were good. After wards we had ice cream and chocolate then a neighbor dropped by and visited for a couple hours.
Today I thinned and weeded the other rows of carrots. Picked one tree of apples as they're getting over ripe, and helped pick the raspberries. I was going to go riding but Millie was of a sour attitude today so I walked after her all over the pasture, and ended up closing a couple gates so she was in a smaller pen, I caught her, led her out to the main pasture and let her loose. Hopefully she will understand that getting caught isn't something terrible. Since I couldn't ride I came in and made a Zucchini cake which we will eat tonight Lord willing. :-) And now I intend to practice the banjo for a while.

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