Monday, September 7, 2009


Well nothing special or really exciting has been happening here... Mom's getting ready to start teaching the kids on the 9th, Dad didn't do anything to the well pump but he did finish Naomi's hope chest, it looks pretty swell. :-)
The kids went riding again and I had to stay home and make bread... but I'm not gonna whine to badly. :-) Sunday we stayed home from church again, some of the little kids are sick, and Naomi has allergies again so I guess there's a valid excuse as to why we didn't go. I miss being in church though. You don't realize how much being around other Christians helps your walk with God until you can't be around them any more. :-)
Y'all should try out a movie called Facing the Giants.... it's about football in a Christian school... I really enjoyed it. :-)
I need to weed garden today if it doesn't rain, it is over cast but no sign of moisture yet. :-) I just finished practicing the my banjo... well no not mine, Lydia owns it. :-) I finally got into the books that one of my teaches lent me at camp.
And on that I'll close this. Have a great day... and God be with you. :-)

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Emily said...

Oh...sorry to hear that y'all have been sick! That's never fun!

So y'all watched "Facing the Giants"....that is a great movie! It's a family favorite here. We've seen it about a million times! =)

Hope y'all feel better soon!