Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dad Shot a Deer!

Nov. 2nd...... Well we're into November now. This past year has been really full of doing things. ;-)
Church was good. We went to Sunday school, watched a church film on transformations had some prayer. During the main service a lot of the Panther's football team from Preeceville showed up. Naomi, Lydia and I did a special song, I believe it was written by Mac Lynch.
We got home and ate dinner, then Peter and Gabriele came over to go hunting. Naomi, Sara, Ruth, Gabriele and myself stayed in the house while the others went and tried to push some deer out of our leased land. They came home empty handed only to see three does out in our hay pasture, Dad was able to shoot one though he didn't aim high enough so it wasn't a killing shot. They had to trail the doe for a while before Dad got another shot at her, then they came home and hung the doe in the wood shed. I made a bit of supper and they sat around and talked till almost 9:00. :-) I think Lydia's going to do up a little deer meat for dinner. :-)
Janeen Covlin had a Bluegrass CD, 20 songs all from different bands. It's pretty good, I enjoy listening to it. One song they have on it is Folsom Prison Blues, I think it's a Johnny Cash song. It's a catchy tune, though the wording could be changed. :-)
3rd On the Sawmill we're having problems again. The guy called Dad last week and said that the sawmill was all ready to go and they were just waiting for the man from MB to pay for the skiders and then they would ship it out. But he called on yesterday and said that the sawmill was being assembled and he was having health problems and Dad would probably have to go out and get it. He was very vague as to when the sawmill would be done, or when Dad would have to get it. Please pray that he will be honest and quit stalling and that we can get the sawmill soon. Thanks. :-)
See y'all.

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