Saturday, November 28, 2009


28th.... wow last night was really great!!! We went skating on a slough about half way to Endeavour, and because the night was so pretty and neat we skated for close to 2 hours. We played tag for a while then moved into Fox and Geese, I ended up tumbling a lot and my left knee is slightly swollen and rather discolored as a result. LOL! But I'd go skating again tonight if we had a slough close. :-) We quit playing Fox and Geese about ½ hour before we left the ice and just skated around then we scrapped the skiff of snow off the ice to make a large 'face' I ended up 'breaking' the poor guys nose, his eyes were touching, he only had three hairs, and his tongue was sticking out. LOL! But today it's snowing so it's probably covered up by now. :-) We went to the church and had a snack and Brad talked about Temptation.... is it sin, where does it come from, can God tempt us.... and so on. We got home around 12:00, We spent more time on the ice than was thought we would I believe. :-) Lots of fun... today a lot of the kids are groaning that they're sore and aching. LOL! I'm not really sore other than my knee and that will heal up, Mom kind of freaked when she saw the bruising... LOL! Poor Mom she had to be settle with a skate klutz when she had me. :-) Lydia says I've won the prize of our skating club... BIOS..... Bumbling Idiots On Skates..... LOL! I told her I'd rather do without the prize. :-)
Dad's been sawing a lot the past couple days. They're working on the flooring and the porch flooring for the bunkhouse. I think he has a few of the logs for the walls as well. :-) He's enjoying his sawmill, Jesse usually is there and helping him, sometimes Zeke helps out as well. :-)
I need to go get lunch on.... Janeen is bringing the girls over this afternoon so maybe when we drive them back I can post on the blog. :-)

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