Saturday, November 28, 2009

Smoked chicken, movies

27th.... the chicken I put on to smoke turned out tasting real good, I'll be doing that again pretty soon, Lord willing. :-) Peter, Dad, Ellie, Lydia and Jesse went hunting a couple times but they haven't seen any moose yet, I think Dad has a doe tag left so he'll probably try to get another one to stretch our supply of meat. I'll probably try the jerky again if we do get another deer. :-) I'm thankful that the chicken turned out, all the family liked it and it partly covered for the fact that the jerky tasted so awful... LOL!
We practiced music today, not many songs that I can play on the twangy instrument but I'll stumble through somehow. I want to look up the chords for a couple songs so I can just do finger rolls.
Janeen brought over the girls and Ellie gave fiddle lessons to Kate and Emma... Emma seems a little young so Ellie said that she should wait for a while before she takes more lessons. Janeen wants Naomi and I to watch the girls for a couple hours tomorrow afternoon as well since they have a meeting to work out. So a little more income again. :-) I'm still praying that God will move and I can find something that will help with the financial problem I have here, in Melville we had our cows to bring in the money but here nothings come up yet. :-) I'm sure God will lead or stop as He sees fit. :-)
Dad cracked down on my watching movies not on movie night so I have to cram what I can in on Thursday nights so I don't get into trouble again. I think the main reason is I get into the movies.... (reading a book I do too) I laugh a lot and that reminds Dad that I'm not out in the living room. I am thankful we have movie nights.... last night I watched two National Treasure movies. :-) They rank kind of with Indiana Jones in adventure and so on but the time is present day not 1950s. I got Naomi some other films for tonight while we're at Youth... keeps her entertained. :-) I'm glad she hasn't been restricted on videos... at least not yet and I hope she doesn't get restricted, she has a harder time doing other things than I do in the long evenings when you want to be alone away from the noise of the kids. :-) I'm just praying and hoping things will look up and we can get along OK here. :-)
Brad will be picking us up around 7:00 for Youth it's almost 6:00 now.... I should re-do my hair and see what I have in the area of clothes, not too dressy and not too raggy, I have a few things that range in that direction. :-) I'm so glad that God has blessed me with lots of things to wear and have around. :-)

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