Thursday, November 19, 2009

General news

16th.... Dad and Zeke should be home soon. They decided to take two days to drive back as it took 21 hours to drive out to 100 Mile House. I'm sure they'll be tired all that driving and the time change.
Y2J went well. Only Ellie and I went as the other girls were gone to town, Martha watched the little ones at home. We worked more on the angels for Endeavouring Through Bethlehem, I think we have 50 or so ready to put together, that wont be enough to pass out to everyone though so I'm not sure what we'll be doing.
Friday evening was youth and Carrol was having a Mary Kay Christmas thing at her house so on the way past Brad dropped me off there. Jesse, Ellie, Lydia and Martha went to Youth. They had lots of fun from their telling and they enjoyed being with kids around their ages again. They ended up staying in Endeavour till 11:30 or so having good biblical conversation and fun, on the way home Brad picked me, we got home around 12:15... am.... very rarely does Youth go that long they normally get home around 10:00 pm. :-)
I strung Joe Sorgen's old-time style banjo for him, gave it back on Sunday. After church Peter and Gabriele gave us half of a doe Peter shot from our yard and came out for dinner as well. Then the girls played a few songs and Ellie gave Peter some pointers on the accordion. They've become close friends with the younger kids and the older ones enjoy being around them as well. Nice people. :-)

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