Friday, March 26, 2010

Braces and colds

March 23rd..... we're on our way to get braces and some fillings... Namely Mom, Naomi, Lydia, Ezekiel and myself. :-) We've been working on getting over our colds... most of us are doing OK. Naomi still has a rotten cough, Ruth and Martha are taking naps every so often, but they seem to be on the mend. The rest of the kids have coughs and general getting over illness feelings. Thanks for the prayers. :-)
Ellie and Lydia played offertory last Sunday, they chose to do a medley for Canon in D and As The Deer... Ellie played Mandolin and Lydia guitar. Every one enjoyed it.... :-)
I didn't go to Youth on Friday, in stead went to a Ladies evening... Supper and then watched a Christian comedian movie. The gal was from Georgia... I believe her name was Anita Renfroe. She was good, clean and funny, yet you had a time to think and understand God as well. :-) She sang a couple songs as well... They were more along the lines of 21st century southern gospel. Some drums and electric guitar. They were OK, but..... :-)
5 of us kids are getting our hunters safety course in April... we have to fill out a form or two before we can start. And go over a book of rules and so on. I'm not sure when exactly the classes are, but I think it's early April. And I think we'll be wanting to take the PAL class as well, which would allow us to buy and/or sell firearms. I'm not sure how much it will all cost.
See y'all.

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