Wednesday, March 17, 2010


March 16th..... So how's it been going for y'all? Most of us here are down with colds.... Ruth has been battling a fever and a pretty bad cough for the past several days and Naomi has had a hard time talking at all.... So once again I ask prayer for our healing. We seem to not be able to throw this cold out the window, by the time half the family is well the other half is sick and around we go again. I had thought that I would miss this one since it's taken me a good three weeks to feel any effects... but I've found a slight sore throat and a runny nose are my companions now. :-( We've canceled our singing at the Hospice on the 19th... we simply can't make it. Mom says she thinks the main reason we get sick so often is because we're living in tight quarters and also that we can't seem to keep ourselves in vitamins due to the fact that cash is short around here. I noticed that when I was on certain herbs (I had bought them in powdered form and made capsules from them) that if I did get sick it was a very light touch and I was over in a day or two... so I'm hoping to be able to order the herbs from the states and get back into taking them. (I haven't found a Canadian supplier) I don't like having to be dependent on taking herbs/vitamins to stay healthy but if it does the trick then I'll do what I have to do. :-) Maybe someday my immune system will be strong enough to handle illness without catching it. :-) As for the tight quarters theory I know that that is a huge problem.... in our house in MT I rarely got sick, Naomi, Ellie and maybe Dad would get sick but the rest of us didn't usually get anything but the flu when it was going around.... probably due to the fact that the house was quite large and we had enough space to go around. Here in SK we've always had small houses and we noticed the increased illness immediately... So what can I do?!? Pray that God will make the house bigger or pray that He'll send some young men along to help out some of the older girls? :-) Or as Martha says.... “You know if God killed off some of the family we'd not get sick as much.” LOL! She can think of the silliest things when she's tired. :-) But I'll stop complaining now.... I'm glad we have a roof over our heads, and in-spite of the trouble a large family can cause I'm thankful for all of us. :-)
Till next time.

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