Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Just the regular....

10th So, How's it goin' folks? :-) So far we're managing here... not great but not rotten either. :-) Thursday (6th) Y2J... “Uncle Harold” did the lesson. He's a ventriloquist and has a puppet named Willie... it was a good lesson about Elisha and the soldiers of Assyria who came to capture him. :-) Friday I worked with Shiloh on her feet, the people who are buying her asked if I'd work with her a bit more on her feet and trailer loading. They're planning on coming up on the 15th or so. :-) Youth that evening was in Yorkton for Raise the Roof music. It was OK, but not my favorite. We went to McDonalds afterwards for a snack.... I have a extra thick strawberry milk shake. :-) I spent the night at a family's from church since I was staying there all Sat. to baby sit/watch over 5 kids from 3 different families so the parents could go quadding. It was a pretty good day. :-) They took me home around 8:00 pm or so.
Sunday was very good as usual. :-) God shook me a few times for not trusting in Him to provide what I'm praying for. So I trying to remember that God can work miracles and that He does answer prayer, all the while I'm also trying to keep myself from doubting that He will move. :-) I'm glad I have God to lean on. :-) Eugene came over for dinner/lunch and stayed till around 8:30 pm. Grandpa and Grandma left at 4:00 am this morning. Scared me when they started the truck, they were parked right under our window. :-) It was a good visit for all of us. :-) Could you pray for their safe travel?
Tomorrow Lydia has an orthodontist appointment in Swan river.... Lord willing Naomi and I will also be going along. I need to get some things before we go to camp and Naomi needs to do a lot of net things. Hey y'all should check out her review blog.... Ponderings it's pretty cool. :-) I think more people need to visit and see a Christian view on a lot of movies and books. Yeah I know a lot of them y'all might not watch... and there's been times when Naomi's said “ugh... that one's not coming close to being on the blog” so y'all know what she says on her ratings you can trust. :-) Unless y'all don't like what/who we watch then you wont like any of them. LOL! Check it out anyways.... and I know that she'd love it if you left a comment or visited one of the ads. :-)
Lord willing the three of us girls leave for camp on May 31st.... thanks for the prayers and please keep praying for wisdom and peace as we face a new way of life for a few months. :-) Thanks.

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