Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Leaving and getting ready

24th.... well only one more day at home. :-) funny how time passes so quickly. Before we know it we'll be back home again and wondering what we should be doing for winter. :-)
21st was good... we got our teeth adjusted, Lydia got another expander this one only for her back molars since they didn't move quite enough with her original one. I got my last two brackets put on and Naomi ended up getting springs on the wires to make her teeth move apart faster. :-) After that lovely work was done we headed for shopping. Ever tried to make a decision when your mouths aches so bad you can't think straight enough to walk properly? LOL! But we managed to get mostly what we need the rest we'll have to pick up in Yorkton on our way to Kenosee. :-) So when (or if) you think of us please please pray that we will be a light for God. It's a catholic camp, yes and we'll be facing unsaved people outside of that every day. Pray that God will always make us strong to be true witnesses for him. :-) Thank you.
Dad and several of the kids headed down to Ketchen Lake Bible camp to help clean up Sat. morning, I, Naomi and Mom mixed up and cared for all the preparations for Sun. meal. :-) It began raining in the afternoon so they came home early and we ended up watching a few movies. After the little guys were in bed we watched The Patriot. Wow! That's a neat period film. I would only recommend watching it if you don't mind a lot of battle scenes. I know that Naomi will be doing a review someday on it so I wont give anything away. I enjoyed a fair bit of it but after watching about half of it I was really glad that they had a lot of breathers and humor giving you a chance to recuporate for the next battle scene. :-) Extremely well acted, Mel Gibson plays that main character.
Sunday.... Fun, laughter, good food, fellowship, windy, rainy, volley ball (I didn't play), Uno, Spoons, and good byes. And all that after 2:00 pm... LOL! We had three families from church over and Eugene from Yorkton as well. There was Pizza, Jello, Veggies, dip.... ice cream, cheese cake and sherbet for dessert. :-) The sermon was a wonderful encouragement, especially right before we leave. I've been doing some soul searching and God gave me a reminder that he not only is there but as I wait patiently for him to come he will come and take me up out of where I am. The text was Psalm 40:1-5. I'm going to miss church. :-)
That's all for now... I have no idea if I'll get net time while we're gone or not. So.... until later. I'll keep praying for you all and hope that you are blessed beyond measure while following God in this life. And if I do get net time I'll keep bothering you with what He's blessed me with. :-)
I've had many responses back from the apology that I sent out. I thank you for your concerns and for the advise that many of you responded with. I do intend to watch my step more, reminding myself that there are other people reading my posts. Sometimes it's easy to forget that. :-) Thank you and God bless.

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