Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kenosee Boys and Girls camp

26th.... so we're at camp now. We left around 7:00 am drove to Canora where Ellie had an chiropractor appointment. Her shoulder blade was raised out of place and her bicep out as well on her right arm. So she's not in to much pain now thank God for chiropractors. :-) Yorkton was banking for Lydia, us three girls being dropped off at Staples so Naomi could copy the kids songs that we will be teaching in July. Lydia and I grabbed a few things and helped her. Then we walked to Superstore, where we picked up the last neccesities for camp. Lydia and Dad went to the music store before we went to Wal-mart.... and then we were on our way. We ate just a little as F. Banga said that he was cooking dinner for us. And it was on the table when we arrived at 2:00 pm. Michele Amy was here to great us as well and we were happy to see her. :-) After eating, and unloading Dad, Mom, Ellie and Sara left for home. We talked over what needed to be done with F. Banga for a bit then set to work. Naomi and I are cleaning cupboards and washing all the dishes. (think hundreds and hundreds of dishes and you get the idea. :-) Lydia's painting the cooler, well today she only got a bit done of the primer. We have finish the hall, for those of you who know how large a room it takes to seat 130 or so people at tables you'll get the idea about cleaning up, once the dishes are done we move all the various things away from the walls and begin painting them.... So that's going to be a bit of a job. We also have to paint the floor. :-) Thankfully the ceiling was painted last year so we don't have to do that. :-) If today was a look into what we'll be doing, I'll be glad to crawl in bed by the end of each day. :-) I had no idea about getting net but.... I'll keep this going and hope to post of sometime. :-)
27th.... today was busy. We started with breakfast at 7:45..... :-) Back in the mess hall, Lydia worked on finishing the primer in the cooler, Naomi cleaned up a range, swept and mopped most of the kitchen area. The two flat surfaced range tops had been let to rust so I was given a large rectangle thingy that I had to scrub the stove top with. I worked on those for an hour or so, then moved on to washing dishes again. All the cups and some plates before lunch, after lunch Lydia was done with the primer in the cooler and she and Naomi began helping me on the dishes, they dried and put them away while I washed as many plates again and bowls and more plates and more bowls. :-) I think I was over the sink for close to 5 hours today. And yes my back is telling. :-) I was finishing up the last 4 drainers of bowls and plates when F. Banga asked us to work on getting ready so paint. So we moved the tables, chairs, more tables and loads of other stuff away from the walls. Lydia and Naomi took turns sweeping 10-12 feet away from the walls. Then while Lydia taped over the outlets I moved the rest of the chairs and Naomi finished up the sweeping and we began painting. And painted almost the whole thing. We are so happy to have the walls almost done. We need to do some touching up and a bit of it will be ladder work (which I'm not really looking forward to, ladders always seem to 'wiggle' under me. :-) And Naomi will probably touch up the last window trims. And we'll wash and dry and put away loads more dishes tomorrow. :-) But hey we're all happy and very glad that things are moving along as quickly as they are. (I'll keep that in mind when I start complaining again. :-) Oh and by the way it's raining here.... :-)
I forgot to say yesterday... Naomi somehow forgot all her dresses at home. I have no idea how, but she somehow managed to get all the way down here without remembering them. LOL! She was getting stressed out (which she shouldn't do because it makes her really tired and that means she could get sick easier) but then she read a quote on the wall where we're staying while we were unloading saying not to worry because God is in control, and she calmed down. :-) She's wearing one of my skirts for now (And more if she can fit into them) Mom and Dad will be sending her dresses down in a couple days. It was kind of funny but a little crazy at the same time. I was reading in Matthew this morning and it says in 5:42 Give to him that asketh thee, and from him that would borrow of thee turn not thou away. LOL! I hadn't planned on having to offer Naomi the use of some of my clothing.... but I didn't mind doing so even before I read that verse. Just thought it was neat how I read it after Naomi needing some of my clothes. :-)
Hey if y'all haven't heard the song Praise His Name, sung by Sheri Easter.... that's a good song. I got it on MP3 so if any of y'all want it I could try sending it to you. :-) TTYL.
28th so today we went over to the mess hall and F. Banga send us back with some milk and bread (there were a few things in th Kome 'n' See fridge already) and told us to come back at 11:00 when the hall had warmed up. We ate, read and relaxed some. Then while Naomi was reading, Lydia wanted me to do something with her hair so I played around with it. While that was going on F. Banga stopped by and talked for 45 min. or so. After which we headed over to the hall and started working. Naomi and Lydia finishing up the edging and also doing the tuck shop in gray while I began painting the cooler with oil based paint for a final coating. We stopped for lunch and then went back to work leaving the dishes till after supper for washing. :-) Around 2:00 pm John (a friend of F. Banga) came over to help F. Banga cut up tables to be used for shelves for the cooler. If I had to describe John in a few words.... LOL! Would be one of the first. He has a heart of gold though and in spite of his hilarious comments and flippant tendencies.... he was so, so funny to be around. He and F. Banga were going back and forth all afternoon. And us girls almost choked at times not knowing if we should laugh or not. I could never describe him well enough but such a nice man to be around and yet he reminded me so much of Zeke in a full grown body it kept us girls in stitches. :-) We ate, washed dishes and then hopped back to our place here. F. Banga said that tomorrow we relax and in the afternoon we'll go to town. He seems pretty happy about the rate we're moving through the work so far. We have to still clean lots and lots of dishes but that will work out soon.
I showered and was relaxing on the couch (Not laying down mind you, I don't like laying down unless it's in bed sleeping) when F. Banga came over with a couple bags of pop-corn (which unfortunately we can't eat with braces) a jar of juice and playing cards with a score sheet. Lydia went and showered while Naomi, I and F. Banga played 10 rounds of Wizard. Naomi and I had never played of course so it was rough for the first few rounds. Till we got somewhat of a hold. Naomi won with some 200 points to her score. (I can't remember her complete score) I found the game to be a lot of fun once I got kind of the hang of it. Once finished and Lydia was out of the shower we all had some juice, and us girls sang 3 songs for F. Banga. :-) And now I'm tired and so I'll be off to bed in a few. It's still raining, and the water is running like crazy around here. It's supposed to snow on Sunday. LOL! June 'eh? :-) You know I think God does this just to remind us that He is always in control and never should we worry about what's going on. :-) Speaking of which thanks for the prayers. :-)

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