Wednesday, May 5, 2010


May 1st.... hard to believe that Ellie is soon to be 20. :-) She's quite the elegant lady.... when she wants to be. LOL! Her mischievousness is still present but not as prevalent as in her younger years. She's suffered some disappointments and that has added to her quietness in the past couple years. She's following God, and still is a great tease, she plays music very very well. :-) So if any of you know a young Christian man who would like her.... LOL! Send him on up. :-) She'd have my head if she knew I was writing this. :-) Oh and Naomi's going to 24 end of this month... and Lydia's 18 in July. So... Young guys head for SK.... Endeavour area and I'm sure we'll be able to set up a couple marriages. :-) But I must remind you to forget about me... I don't know as I'm cut out for it. But then God could work miracles (as the saying goes “And pigs can fly” (which they can... in airplanes) :-) Besides there's a few things I want to get done before I land a husband and load of crazy kids. :-) But off that.....
Ladies Time Out was last night.... it went fairly well. The evening was very enjoyable. :-) I'll try posting a few pictures later so y'all can see some of what went on. And I'm sure Naomi will be giving a much more detailed post on her blog... So you'll have to be content with the pictures on the family Blog. :-)
Some people came and looked at Shiloh today.... it's was rather miserable for horse looking snowing pretty good and keeping around freezing (0 C, 32 F) but Shiloh was on good behavior as usual and the girl was very pleased with her. They'll call us back later and tell us their decision. I'm hoping that she sells of course since she will finish out paying for music camp. :-)
Hope to see some young guys around soon.... “wink” :-)
Talk to y'all later.

4th It's started to snow here again.... we've had 4-5 inches over a few days. It's melted off mostly during the day, but still we've got snow. :-) The creeks and sloughs are filling up again. And the cattle men are thankful in this area for the moisture. It was looking like it was going to be a really dry year then God sent the rain and snow. Now we're thanking God for the moisture and praying that He'll send some sun and heat soon. :-) Farmers (well I guess every one else to) are never content with what they have. :-) Human nature is hard to fight.... the spirit may be willing but the flesh is definitely weak.
5th The people who came and looked at Shiloh called today.... said that they were sending the check in the mail and would come pick her up the weekend of the 15th. Thank You Lord! I've been praying a lot that she would sell for what I was asking for her and that she would sell before we went to camp. God moves in wondrous ways does He not? :-) The money I receive from Shiloh will finish paying for music camp so the money I earn from working at the Boys and Girls camp will be put in the bank. :-) Thank the Lord for His answers to prayer. :-)
Speaking about prayer those who read this please pray for two ladies in our church. Janice Y. and Joann B. Janice just recently was diagnosed with cancer, they don't know if it's spread or how serious it is, the cancer clinic has yet to call back. So please pray for them, Janice and Clint have three daughters ages 13, 12, and 7 and this is really hard for them all. For Joann... she's had cancer before and is having some tests done again because of some complications that have come up. We're not sure that Joann is a believer so please pray that this will bring her (and her husband Tom) to God. Pray for strength and peace as these ladies face this struggle. Thank you so much. Clint, Janice and their girls are some of the nicest people and strongest people for God in the church. Pray for them please, pray for all of them. Thanks. :-)

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