Friday, May 15, 2009

May 15th ,The Sorgard girls came for a visit... good to see them again. Naomi and Lindsey are getting all their talking in and looking at pictures, taking pictures.... :-) Erin is once again monopolized by Cilla and Uriah, Ruth isn't super interested in tagging around hanging on Erin's hands but I'm sure if they were staying a week Ruth would have gotten over her shyness and become a tag along as well. :-) Fortunately Erin is of good temperament so being hung on doesn't seem to bother her to badly.
Hey got good news here.... Dad and Mom put an offer on a place and guess what?!? It was excepted!!!!! Yay.... whoooooo!!!! LOL! Dad and Mom put money down a couple days ago... the fellow who owns it says that he'll try to be out by June. :-) It's two quarters deeded two quarters leased from the government.... up near Endeavor.... about 2 hours or more from the place we rent in Waldron. It's all bush/forest on the leased land and about 2/3rds grass/pasture/alfalfa on th deeded land. A few out buildings.... most of which need major repair or torched. The yard is kind of small.... and very close to the road. The garden's okay size, there's 4 apple trees, some raspberries (that need lots of work) and some Saskatoon bushes. Oh and lots of rhubarb. Some flowers.... and a few bulbs which are coming up and getting ready to bloom in the next few weeks. The house isn't super big... it's been added on, there are 4 bedrooms, a smaller kitchen, a living room that's quite large and comfortable, one... well no I guess two bathrooms.... only one has a door on it though. :-) there's a basement under the old part of the house, not finished of course and a cold room which is nice. There's a one car garage and a summer kitchen/greenhouse thing attached to the garage which is attached to the house. I think Dad and Mom said that once we get the place the first things being done are a shop being built and the one car garage being turned into a mud room/laundry room. They are thinking of turning the summer kitchen room into a bed room as the bathroom is not in a very convenient way.... there's no fan and it's not a full sized tub...any how there's a window on one side of the tub instead of a fan... strange. :-) there's also no pantry for the kitchen... they do have a good sized dining room which is nice. As I said the kitchen is kind of small... not as awkward as the one in Bonners Ferry but still quite small... But that problem could be remedied by either getting some of us girls getting married soon or adding on. :-)

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Nila said...

Howdy Holters,
So happy for you all and looking forward to seeing what the Lord has provided for you. I'm all for forest and bush. Did you mean the end of June or the beginning? I'm assuming the place is vacated if you may get to move at the beginning of June. Continuing to pray for the move and the Lord's continued work in all your lives.