Tuesday, May 19, 2009

update! :-)

May 17th.... Sunday's been good so far... :-) It's about 3:00 pm here, Eugene came over for service and lunch, we were intending to go to his place to work with the horses but got a call from the Hudy's that they'd like to come over for a visit, so we decided to save the brownies for then and just stay home. :-)
Been reading mostly.... kind of boring but that will change very soon.... the day of possession was June 8th but the fellow said he'd try to get out of the place sooner than that so maybe it'll be the first few days of June that we'll be getting into our new place. :-) I am happy to have a place of our own! Being this past year and a couple months without a home has made owning a place all the more nice. :-)
Went for a 10 mile walk with Ellie and Lydia yesterday.... surprisingly my feet held up and weren't sore at when we got home. Thank you Jesus for that. :-) I'm not a big fan of walking really far... but when you're bored and you've got nothing better to do than read.... :-) Besides I do know that walking is very good for me.... LOL! Okay I do enjoy walking... 10 miles take up the afternoon so that's about as far as we can go... I might draw the line at 15 miles or so.... I don't think I'll have to though. :-) Once we get on our place we'll be super busy cleaning up and working on the garden..... to feel the earth in my fingers.... knowing that those nice straight rows.... I stop... LOL! If any of you know me very well you know that I love gardening..... just about any kind as well. :-)
I managed to cut myself on my left index finger so that's somewhat sore... just a little bit nothing serious. Strange how the little ones hurt worse than the big ones do. :-) I remember.... oh it must be 4 years ago... I was working on opening a jug of ice to cool the turkey carcases we had just butchered when the knife slipped and went into my left hand about ¾ on an inch, right next to my thumb in the palm of my hand.... I was very thankful that I had just washed the knife in bleach water. I headed for the house... trying to stop the blood by clamping it tight with my other hand.... poor Naomi, I called for the door to be opened... she opened it and gasped... I did have quite a bit of blood on my hand and arm and Naomi's never been very keen on the sight of blood. Poor gal... Mom and I were able to stop the blood with a wash cloth... it hurt for quite awhile afterwards. :-) thankfully none of the muscles or tendons were cut so now except for a scar my hands as good as new. :-) Of course you can't see the scar unless you really look for it.... :-)
I think it's so interesting that these “little” things come up.... LOL! Grandma and Grandpa Holter are having their 50th wedding anniversary on July 3rd... and yes Lord willing we'll be going down there. The would like us (the kids at least) to sing hymns and play for ½ hour and then maybe be jamming for a bit. :-) So that means that we get the place.... kind of get settled in and get the garden planted... then we leave for a trip down to the states again.... we were hoping that our SK picture ID's were still good.... and they are. So God's given us another blessing. We do have our passports of course but it's nice to have another card of ID as well. :-)
One of the things that will have to be done once we're in the new place is sewing... you see Mom, Lydia, Martha, Cilla, Ruth and I all need new clothes... as some of you know a lot of the clothes I make end up in Naomi's closet... LOL! Martha, Cilla and Ruth are just being young kids, and Mom didn't have any nice clothes before she was pregnant with Sara any ways so we need to do some fancy sewing once we get up there. Mom says pick out the fabric that we need and have it all ready to be cut out and sewn up. I am thankful that I have learned to sew at a somewhat decent pace..... Ellie says she has enough presentable clothes so she'll probably be the one that helps Martha. We have 4 sewing machines... Mom's, Lyds, Naomi's and mine so we'll all be pretty busy.
Sara's doing great... :-) as you can see from the pictures I posted a few days back she's gotten to smiling really big. :-) Becoming quite the little sweetie.... She's almost laughed a few times but not yet. :-)
I should run now..... the brownies are being served and Hudy's arrived a few minutes ago. Don't you wish you could join me? Brownies and friends seem to go together quite well. :-)
Talk to ya'll later.

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Ashley C said...

How wonderful--land at last! I'm so happy for all you Holters. You should have enough time to plant and grow quite a bit, even though it is in SK.
Hannah, the clothes situation sounds so familiar... =)