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May 23, 2009

Greetings from Waldron.... to all the friends and acquaintances who read this blog. :-) It's sunny outside right now, the past week as been a bit on the dark side with rain and even some snow! Rather strange weather for May but no one ever said that Saskatchewan was anything but strange. The people are nice though. :-)

It's been settled that we will be going down to Grandpa and Grandma Holter's 50th wedding anivarsary which in on July 3rd. I'm not exactly sure how many days we intend to take to get down there.... Dad was saying something about doing the driving in 2 days but that means around 15 hours a day which can get hard on the little kids sitting so long. But I'm sure that we will all do OK if that's what Dad decides. I believe that we will be staying 3 days down there... July 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, starting for home on the 5th. :-) We've been asked to do a ½ hour singing and playing for everyone at the 50th celebration. I'm not sure who all will be playing and singing but that will all be worked out by Naomi as she has more expertise in that area than Dad does. :-)

In light of going down there several of us girls and Mom have sewing to do. We hadn't often gotten down to a fabric store in ID so we need some new clothes. All of us have enough play clothes but good clothes are another matter. :-) So we're all sewing up two or (in my case) three good dresses. Mom cut out Ruth's dresses this morning only to find that we somehow over looked lining for her dresses so we will need to pick that up next time in town. It'd be nice if we could get some of the sewing done here as we will most likely be busy up at our new place but.... it is a tight squeeze here without bringing in the sewing machines we may just try to get everything cut out here and be ready to sew up at the new house.

Steve the guy we're buying from up in Endeavour, came out from Alberta and is packing up this week end, not sure when he'll be done but we may be able to move up stuff sooner than June 8th . We still need to get the shop stuff that Dad dropped off in Manitoba when we thought we were gonna be moving up there. I don't know when we'll be getting that stuff.... before or after we move our other stuff up to Endeavour. I'll try to post some pictures of what the place looks like once we get up there. :-)

On Thursday 21st Dad took us horse people up to Yorkton for a horse afternoon. It was a relaxing afternoon and lots of fun. :-) Cilla and I took pictures of the horses so I'll try to post them on here soon. :-)

Been walking with Ellie and Lydia everyday.... well almost everyday. We usually make 5 miles in the evenings after supper. Lydia's usually our talker so Ellie and I drop a few comments to keep her going.... No it's not that bad we do our share of talking when we want to. :-) I think we all enjoy the walks it's a time to get away from the little guys..... we let Dad and Mom walk mid afternoon so they have a little quiet time for themselves. :-)

Sara's getting so big now. Comes times she almost starts laughing. :-) But that will be a few weeks yet, she doesn't know how to laugh yet. I remember once we got Ruth or Cilla to laugh... they scared themselves and started crying after they laughed. :-)

I broke down and bought my own computer.... it's an Emachines brand made by Acer. Ubuntu is the format (I think) and Linux the programming and all. I bought it from CareTek the computer store in Melville owed and operated by our good friends the Nasbys'. I am so far quite pleased with it. :-) One of the main attractions was that Linux computer programming cannot get viruses.... don't ask me how it works I don't have a clue.... LOL! But I am very thankful that the Nasby's had this one last computer, that isn't susceptible to viruses from off the Internet. :-) It's a bit different than WindowXP brand of running gear, but hey if it keeps me from getting viruses I'll be more than glad to learn how to work Linux out. :-)

Sunday (24th) Gerald and Marge Deitrich some of our old neighbors from Melville came over for a visit and music. It was good to catch up on what's been happening in their lives and in the old neighborhood. :-) Donny Schorbahuch and a young friend of his came over as well. All in all an OK Sunday.

For some reason my computer decided to quit playing music?!? Don't ask me why... I'll have to see if I can bring it in to CareTek in the next couple days and ask them to look at it. :-) I do dislike computer problems... not being more than a ditz when it comes to computers anyway I'm not getting very far with this new one. “rollseyes” :-)

Well any how..... I should close here for now.

Take care and God bless you.


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