Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Chicken pox

Oct. 3rd Well it's still a bit chilly here, last night it might have frosted. But I haven't gone out and checked yet. Yesterday we did 159 birds at Covlins... 5 of them were turkeys, they weren't very big only around 12-14 pounds apiece. It want rather slow as there weren't as many people, Naomi was over and she helped for a bit but she tired out after an hour. We had a late lunch and then Dad drove us home. I ended up cutting one of my fingers again, but it's not to bad, though I forgot to put salve on it last night so it was sore this morning. We went back in the evening after supper and helped bag and price the chickens. They had us eat some pizza with them as well. :-)
Carol Stepan picked up Ellie, Lydia and I and took us in to help withY2J. It was a good day, we stayed inside, did some singing, a question game, the lesson and a craft.
Almost all the other kids have come down with chicken pox.... Jesse, Martha and Sara are the most miserable right now. They've been taking tea baths and slathering down with Aloe gel/lotion. I've not had symptoms yet, though that could change pretty soon. Lydia says she feels like somethings coming on, Ellie has it, Zeke and Uriah so far don't have any spots, Cilla and Ruth are itching... you know.... :-) a rather sick family. :-) But if we can get it over with them we'll not be able to get it again. :-) Thanks for the prayers.
Brought in the onions, they're under a fan in the garage on a sheet of plywood. Mom and Lydia were working on the tomatoes. I filled the dehydrator with applesauce on plastic wrap and put a load on to dry for fruit leather. We all enjoy that in the winter. :-) I think the garden will be harvested in the next few days and prepared for winter.
So till later. :-)

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