Monday, April 19, 2010


Youth was soccer... :-) We Holter kids had never played before but with Brad, Rod, Jay and Josh around you learn very quickly. They all give suggestions even if you're not on their team. :-) A few of the many mishaps that evening... Ellie and I "sandwiched" Rod who was on the opposite team and we were all trying to kick the ball... Ellie accidentally kicked Rod extremely hard in the shin... she bruised her foot. Rod has a hard shin. LOL! :-) I was hit in the head with the ball while in defense and they didn't make a shot, then Jesse kicked the ball and it ended up hitting Brad in the eye, and it is now quite black. LOL! But the over all was a fun filled evening. We watched Louie Giglio for devotional. Every time I listen to him I find another gem that God has prepared for me to hear. :-)
Sunday I went with Brad, Carrol, Jay, Pete and Rose up to Nipawin, to the Bible College there for the graduation ceremony. It was neat to see. :-)

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